Pipeline definition

Pipeline means any pipe, pipes, or pipelines used for the intrastate transportation or transmission of any solid, liquid, or gaseous substance, except water.
Pipeline means a pipeline for which Trans Mountain has approval under the CER Act for the transportation, storage and handling of oil, other liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, and any products or by-products thereof together with all installations, equipment, fittings and facilities included in, associated with, appurtenant, affixed or incidental thereto, including all such pipes, drips, valves, fittings, connections, meters and cathodic protection equipment, and telecommunication and electrical facilities used for or in the operation and maintenance of the pipeline.
Pipeline means any pipe or pipeline and necessary appurtenances used for the transportation or transmission of any hazardous liquid.

Examples of Pipeline in a sentence

  • Terms used herein that are not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Plan or, if not defined in the Plan, in the Seventh Amended and Restated Agreement of Limited Partnership of Plains All American Pipeline, L.P., as amended (the “Partnership Agreement”).

  • A DER represents the right to receive a cash payment equivalent to the amount, if any, paid in cash distributions on one Common Unit of Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (“PAA” or the “Partnership”) to the holder of such Common Unit.

  • Order No. PSC-2019-0545-PAA-GU, issued December 20, 2019, in Docket No. 20190145-GU, In re: Joint petition for approval of restructures Nassau County agreements to reflect Callahan expansion, by Peoples Gas System, Florida Public Utilities Company, SeaCoast Gas Transmission, and Peninsula Pipeline Company, Inc.

  • A reconciliation of this measure to Total revenues (GAAP) is included under the heading “Reconciliation of GAAP Total revenues to Non-GAAP Total revenues excluding Trokendi XR net product sales.” Product Pipeline UpdateThe Company hosted a successful Research & Development (R&D) Day in October 2023 highlighting clinical and R&D progress and its emerging pipeline of novel CNS product candidates.

  • Jennifer Musto, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the Detention-to-Protection Pipeline, 37 DIALECTICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 257, 268 (2013) (noting that “such habits of institutionalization are punctuated by a parallel track record of exposing youth to gendered forms of victimization while institutionalized”).

More Definitions of Pipeline

Pipeline means all parts of those physical facilities through which gas moves in transportation, including pipe, valves, and other appurtenance attached to pipe, compressor units, metering stations, regulator stations, delivery stations, holders, and fabricated assemblies.
Pipeline means Carrier’s pipeline that extends from the Enterprise Crude Petroleum terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma to the Delivery Points, except for those portions that are leased to other carriers.
Pipeline means a pipe, or system of pipes, or part of a pipe, or system of pipes, for transporting natural gas, and any tanks, reservoirs, machinery or equipment directly attached to the pipe, or system of pipes, but does not include —
Pipeline means a long pipe or series of connected pipes used to convey fluids.
Pipeline means a company authorized to ship Gas on behalf of itself or others on physical Gas transmission facilities.
Pipeline means a pipeline that conveys a flammable liquid from a crude petroleum wellhead collection site to a refinery or terminal or from a refinery to a terminal. Pipeline does not mean gathering lines that convey a flammable liquid from the wellhead to a crude petroleum collection tank or piping used in a plant operation.
Pipeline includes all pumps tanks fittings and appliances associated therewith;