Kilowatt-hour definition

Kilowatt-hour means the basic unit of electric energy equal to one Kilowatt of power supplied to or taken from an electric circuit steadily for one hour. One-Kilowatt hour equals 1,000 Watt-hours. Electric energy is commonly sold by the Kilowatt-hour.
Kilowatt-hour or “kWh” shall mean three decimal six million (3.6 10E6) Joule
Kilowatt-hour or “kWh” means the basic unit of electric energy for which most customers are charged in cents per kWh. A kWh is the equivalent of using ten 100-watt light bulbs for one hour.

More Definitions of Kilowatt-hour

Kilowatt-hour or ‘kWh’ means a unit of electrical energy, measured in one kilowatt or one thousand watts of power produced or consumed over a period of one hour;
Kilowatt-hour means the consumption or generation of electrical energy equivalent to one kilowatt of power sustained for one hour.
Kilowatt-hour or “kWh” means one hour during which one kilowatt of electrical power has been continuously produced;
Kilowatt-hour or “kWh” means three decimal six (3.6) Megajoules;
Kilowatt-hour or “kWh” shall mean 3.6 MJ.
Kilowatt-hour or “kWh” means the electrical energy unit of measure equal to one thousand watts of power supplied to, or taken from, an electric circuit steadily for one hour. (A watt is a unit of electrical power equal to one ampere under pressure of one volt, or 1/746 horsepower).
Kilowatt-hour and its abbreviation "kWh" shall mean three million six hundred thousand (3,600,000) Joules;