Coal definition

Coal means all types of solid naturally occurring hydrocarbons (other than oil shale or Gilsonite), including without limitation, bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, and lignite.
Coal means any solid fuel classified as anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, or lignite.
Coal means high-grade, medium-grade and low-grade category A and B coal within the meaning of the international codification system for coal established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and clarified in the Council decision of 10 December 2010 on State aid to facilitate the closure of uncompetitive coal mines;

Examples of Coal in a sentence

  • Trade pattern denoting a standard of the ISI or other standardizing authority or Coal India Ltd.

  • Trade pattern denoting a standard of the ISI or other standardizing authority of Bharat Coking Coal Limited and / or a general standard of the Industry and obtainable in the open market.

  • Sample or monitor at reasonable times, for the purposes of assuring permit compliance or as otherwise authorized by the Coal Surface Mining Operation permit, Clean Water Act and the State Water Control Law, any substances or parameters at any location.For purposes of this section, the time for inspection shall be deemed reasonable during regular business hours, and whenever the facility is discharging.

  • Shall hold such material as trustee of Coal India Limited and / or its subsidiary companies.

  • Whenever under the contract a sum of money is recoverable from and payable by the supplier, BCCL shall be entitled to recover such sum by appropriating , in part or whole by deducting any sum or which at any time thereafter may be due to the successful tenderer in this or any other contract with Bharat Coking Coal Ltd.

More Definitions of Coal

Coal means non-coking as well as coking coal, produced by the Seller domestically and categorized into different classes, grades and sizes, as per the notification/order issued for such purpose by Government of India(GoI)/CIL/ Seller and shall, where the context so requires, include Imported Coal.
Coal means all solid fuels classified as anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, or lignite by the American Society for Testing and Materials Designation ASTM D388-92 “Standard Classification of Coals by Rank.”
Coal. ’ means any of the recognized classifica- tions and ranks of coal, including anthracite, bi- tuminous, semibituminous, subbituminous, and lignite.
Coal means coal, coke, and other like materials as are approved by DBCT Management.
Coal means all forms of coal including lignite. Coal does not include clay, stone, sand, gravel, metalliferous and nonmetalliferous ores, and any other solid material or substance of commercial value excavated in solid form from natural deposits on or in the earth, exclusive of coal, and those minerals that occur naturally in liquid or gaseous form.
Coal means ROM Coal supplied to the Power Plant as required by the context.
Coal means a dark-colored compact and earthy organic rock with less than forty percent inorganic components, based on dry material, formed by the accumulation and decomposition of plant material. The term includes consolidated lignitic coal, in both oxidized and nonoxidized forms, and leonardite, having less than eight thousand three hundred British thermal units per pound [453.59 grams], moist and mineral matter free, whether or not the material is enriched in radioactive materials.