exploration licence definition

exploration licence means an exploration licence under Part 2 of the Mineral Resources Development Act 1990; S. 3(1) def. of "fish" inserted by No. 40/2002 s. 3(a).
exploration licence means a licence under this section authorising the licensee to explore for mineral resources of a description specified in the licence in an area so specified;
exploration licence means the Licence for exploration and exploitation granted by the Government of Greenland by its signing of this document.

More Definitions of exploration licence

exploration licence means a licence issued under section 34 and includes any renewal of such licence;
exploration licence means an Exploration Licence as defined in section 1(1) of the Petroleum Act;
exploration licence means an exploration licence granted by the Minister under section 71;
exploration licence means an exploration licence granted under Part IV or continued in force by virtue of section 191;
exploration licence means a licence to explore for petroleum granted under the provisions of section 16;
exploration licence means a licence granted under section 52; “exploration operations” means operations for or in connection with exploration for petroleum and shall include geological and geophysical surveys and studies, aerial surveys and other as may be included in approved work programme and budgets, and the drilling of such shot
exploration licence means the petroleum exploration licence referred to in paragraph 3.1 and granted pursuant to Section 9 of the Act.