Expiry definition

Expiry means expiry of this Agreement by efflux of time. “Expiry Date” means the date on which Expiry occurs.
Expiry means expiry of all of the Government Contracts.
Expiry means any of the following: (i) expiration of the Term through the passage of time in accordance with the terms of this Lease, or (ii) termination, cancellation, or rescission of the Lease in accordance with its terms and in accordance with Applicable Law.

Examples of Expiry in a sentence

Year ended 30 June 2017 – TSR based performance rights Measurement date1 February2017 (i)(i) The measurement date has been rolled forward to 1 February 2018 for the rights on issue at year end except for those held by Mr M Worner that will be tested at expiry on 31 December 2017 being six months following cessation of employment.(ii) Expiry date of rights granted to Mr M Worner amended following his resignation on 1 July 2017.

Option Expiry Underwriting and Loan Agreements The Company has previously entered into an agreement for the underwriting of the expiry of some of the options to be issued at the upcoming shareholder meeting providing additional funding of$750,000 to the Company.

The Options are exercisable at any time on or prior to the Expiry Date (Exercise Period).

Expiry date of rights granted to M.Worner amended per the plan rules following cessation of his employment on 1 July 2017.

The format of Date of Manufacture/ Date of Expiry should be declared in the offer and it shall consist at least the YEAR & MONTH.

More Definitions of Expiry

Expiry means that the Transaction (including any Data delivered in connection with the Transaction) is rendered unusable by the End-User (or anyone else) at the end of the End-User’s subscription period.
Expiry. Each Letter of Credit must contain a provision stating when the obligation of the Issuing Bank under the Letter of Credit shall terminate (e.g. specific expiration date, return of Letter of Credit deed, release letter), which shall not be linked to events in the underlying contract and not be subject to interpretation. Maturity / Demand: Except if subject to ICC Rules the payment obligation of the Issuing Bank shall be determinable by reliance on the terms of the Letter of Credit and, as the case may be, any other document simultaneously to be presented together with a demand. The payment obligation shall be conditional upon presentation of a demand for payment with or, as the case may be, without simultaneous presentation of other documents. The terms of the Letter of Credit shall provide that receipt of a formally valid demand for payment has to be made to the Issuing Bank by the expiry date at the latest and confirm that thereafter no further demand shall be honoured and the Letter of Credit must be returned to the Issuing Bank.
Expiry means expiry of the Right by efflux of time at the end of 5 years from the Appointed Date.
Expiry means the moment that an Options Series ceases to exist, and therefore is no longer tradable;
Expiry means expired, lapsed, been canceled or become abandoned and has not been finally found to be invalid (or not valid) or unenforceable by an unreversable or unappealable (or for which no appeal has been timely filed) final decision or judgment of a court or other authority or agency of competent jurisdiction.
Expiry the payment by the Employer of the final payment to the Contractor (or the payment by the Contractor to the Employer of any sums owed to the Employer) in accordance with clause 4.24 of the Building Contract;