Contract Document definition

Contract Document means collectively the e-Tender documents, designs, drawings, specifications, agreed variations, if any and such other documents constituting the e-Tender and acceptance thereof.
Contract Document means collectively designs, drawings, plans, specifications, agreed variations, if any and other documents constituting the tender and acceptance thereof.
Contract Document means the entire document along with any attachments and all documents forming part of the Contract (and all parts of these documents) are intended to be correlative, complementary and mutually explanatory. The contract shall be read as a whole.

Examples of Contract Document in a sentence

  • All the tender documents including NIT & B.O.Q. will be the part of the Contract Document.

  • The Contractor shall be furnished one certified true copy of the Contract Document at the beginning of the construction period.

  • The Contractor shall be deemed to have known the nature, scope, magnitude and the extent of the works and materials required though the Contract Document may not fully and precisely furnish them.

  • Cut for electrical boxes as needed, but do not cut through to panel edges.END OF SECTION ADDENDUM # 1 DATE: February 6, 2012 PROJECT: Lake Keomah State Park Office KJWW #10.0319.03 BID DUE DATE: February 16, 2012 ENGINEER: KJWW Engineering Consultants, PC2882 106th StreetDes Moines, Iowa 50322 Phone: (515) 334-9906Fax: (515) 334-9908 TO: All Contract Document Holders of Record This Addendum forms a part of the bidding and construction documents.

  • In the event of a conflict within a Contract Document at the same level of precedence, that provision requiring the higher quality of performance or quantity shall prevail.

More Definitions of Contract Document

Contract Document means the documents referred in Contract agreement where such agreement is signed, or the Purchase Order and shall in particular, consist of documents specified inGCC.2.2 including any amendments thereto;
Contract Document means collectively the Bid Document, Design, Drawings, and Specifications, Annexures, agreed variations, if any, and such other documents consisting the bid and acceptance thereof;
Contract Document means collectively tender documents, telex/letter of Acceptance, agreed variations, if any, and other documents constituting the tender and acceptance thereof.
Contract Document means the Standard Conditions of Tender, Standard Conditions of Contract, Special Conditions (if any), Specifications, Schedule of Quantities/Equipment, Priced Schedule of Rates and Prices, Drawings (if any), Tender Form and Annexures thereto and the final Letter of Acceptance.
Contract Document means the Agreement, the Bidders proposal document, the RFP and such other documents as listed in the Agreement, including all amendments or addenda agreed between the parties;
Contract Document means and include documents enumerated in clause 2 of this tender.
Contract Document means the Conditions of Tender, Scope of Contract, Terms of Reference, these Definitions, Special Conditions (if any), Equipment Specifications, Rates, Percentages and Prices, Tender Form and Annexures thereto. Any amendments to the contract document agreed to by the Council and the Service Provider, Provisional Letter of Acceptance and the final Letter of Final Acceptance.