EMD definition

EMD means Earnest money deposit"EMD" means Earnest money deposit

Examples of EMD in a sentence

  • Once the financial bid evaluation is electronically processed in the e-Procurement portal, EMD of the technically qualified bidders other than that of the L1 will be refunded, through an automated e-process, to the respective bidders’ bank accounts from which they made the payment transaction.

  • On receipt of the information from the e-Procurement portal, the Bank will refund through an automated process the EMD of the bidders disqualified at the technical evaluation to the respective bidders’ bank accounts from which they made the EMD on-line transaction.

  • If the e-tender is cancelled, then the EMD would be reverted to the original bidder’s bank account automatically after such cancellation order is processed online by the Tender Inviting Authority.

  • Only if the bidder is exempted from payment of EMD by the State Finance Department, the Govt order for such exemption is to be uploaded while opting for EMD exemption category.

  • Note: EMD made through RTGS/NEFT would require additional 2 to 3 bank working days after date of transaction in the bank before the procedure is completed for enabling the bidder to continue with the bidding process in the on-line final bid submission.

More Definitions of EMD

EMD means Earnest Money Deposit, without interest.
EMD means “Earnest Money Deposit”.
EMD means Earnest Money Deposit required by the E-Auction Process Participant to deposit with the Liquidator as the security before being eligible to bid for the assets of the company in E-Auction. EMD shall be deposited in accordance with the terms set out in this E- Auction Process Information Document in compliance with IBC and other applicable laws.
EMD means Earnest Money Deposit which is required to be Paid as per the prevailing terms and conditions of RFP.
EMD means the refundable amount to be submitted by the shortlisted Bidder (Bidder) along with RFP documents to CMRL.