NPS definition

NPS means nominal pipe size.
NPS means Navitaire Professional Services, a division of Navitaire LLC that specializes in providing custom solutions to NAVITAIRE customers.
NPS means the [*****], [*****] and any other services [*****] developed pursuant to a SOW for the exclusive use of Novation and hosted or otherwise provided by Service Provider.

Examples of NPS in a sentence

  • To request Defense Acquisition Research or to become a research sponsor, please contact: NPS Acquisition Research ProgramAttn: James B.

  • Install additional attachments at concentrated loads, including valves, flanges, and strainers, NPS 2-1/2 and larger and at changes in direction of piping.

  • Install unions, in piping NPS 2 and smaller, adjacent to each valve and at final connection to each piece of equipment.

  • Install flanges, in piping NPS 2-1/2 and larger, adjacent to flanged valves and at final connection to each piece of equipment.

  • Include steel weight- distribution plate for pipe NPS 4 and larger if pipe is installed on rollers.

More Definitions of NPS

NPS means the National Park Service.
NPS means National Policy Statement
NPS means NCR’s Net Promoter Score.
NPS means the United States National Park Service, Department of the Interior, and its successor departments, agencies, or instrumentalities.
NPS has the meaning given to it in the Recitals of this Agreement;
NPS means National Park Service and shall be the agency responsible for providing funding to the Council.