NPS definition

NPS means nominal pipe size.
NPS means Navitaire Professional Services, a division of Navitaire LLC that specializes in providing custom solutions to NAVITAIRE customers.
NPS means National Policy Statement

Examples of NPS in a sentence

  • To request Defense Acquisition Research or to become a research sponsor, please contact: NPS Acquisition Research ProgramAttn: James B.

  • Install additional attachments at concentrated loads, including valves, flanges, and strainers, NPS 2-1/2 and larger and at changes in direction of piping.

  • Install unions, in piping NPS 2 and smaller, adjacent to each valve and at final connection to each piece of equipment.

  • Install flanges, in piping NPS 2-1/2 and larger, adjacent to flanged valves and at final connection to each piece of equipment.

  • Include steel weight- distribution plate for pipe NPS 4 and larger if pipe is installed on rollers.

More Definitions of NPS

NPS has the meaning given to it in the Recitals of this Agreement;
NPS means New Pension Scheme as notified by the Government of India and subsequently adopted by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh as well.
NPS means net publisher share;
NPS means the [*****], [*****] and any other services [*****] developed pursuant to a SOW for the exclusive use of Novation and hosted or otherwise provided by Service Provider.