Refundable Amount definition

Refundable Amount means an amount of royalty that is refundable to the lessee under clause 2A(5) of the Barrow Island lease;
Refundable Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 14.03(d).
Refundable Amount means: (x) in the case of a Subscription License, the Subscription Fees actually paid by Licensee for the remaining portion of the then current Subscription Period; or (y) in the case of a Perpetual License, both (A) the license fee paid hereunder, reduced by two percent (2%) for each complete month of Use hereunder and (B) any prepaid fees for maintenance and technical support services for the remaining portion of the Maintenance Term.

Examples of Refundable Amount in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Access Seeker shall charge interest on the Refundable Amount which shall be at the rate specified in Clause 11(c)(iv) from the date of payment of the disputed amount by the Access Seeker to the date of the issuance of the credit note by the Access Provider.

  • In case, Applicant fails to deposit such amounts demanded within the period mentioned in the demand letter, the Developer shall have the right to cancel the allotment of the Said Apartment and forfeit the Earnest Money and Non Refundable Amount and refund the balance amount, if any, to the Applicant, without any interest provided that the Applicant is not in breach of any terms of this application / Agreement.

  • If the Applicant(s) fails to execute and deliver the Flat Buyer’s Agreement to the Company within aforesaid stipulated period, then the allotment of the Applicant(s) shall be treated as cancelled and the Earnest Money and Non Refundable Amount (as defined hereinafter) paid by the Applicant (s) shall stand forfeited.

  • If the Applicant(s) fails to execute and deliver to the Company the Floor Buyer’s Agreement within the aforesaid stipulated period, then the allotment of the Applicant(s) may be treated as cancelled at sole and absolute discretion of the Company and the Earnest Money along with Non Refundable Amount (as defined hereinafter) paid by the Applicant(s) shall stand forfeited.

  • The OSIRIS IV/REPERR software uses the BRR method based on sampling of PSUs with replacement.

  • Targeted Monthly Deposit Amount multiplied by Reinvestment Factor less, to the extent applicable, the Premium Provision Refundable Amount $0.00 11.

  • On happening of such event, the Company will refund to the Applicant the amount paid by the Applicant, without any interest after deducting the Earnest Money along-with Non Refundable Amount due and payable by the Applicant.

  • Any Refundable Amount paid to Cummins or any member of the Cummins Group shall be an Asset of Cummins except that if the original cost to which such Refundable Amount relates was initially charged to the Filtration Business, then such Refundable Amount shall be shared with Filtration in the same proportion as the cost was initially charged to the Filtration Business.

  • The Annual Refundable Amount shall be automatically reinvested by SWIFT to accelerate or further expand the development of the SWIFT Network unless the Municipal Member provides notice to SWIFT at least 6 months prior to the end of the relevant fiscal year that it wishes the Annual Refundable Amount for such fiscal year to be paid by SWIFT to the Municipal Member.

  • Provided, however, that the period of reduced Gas Supply Cost Component will be adjusted, if necessary, in order to refund, as nearly as possible, the Refundable Amount.

More Definitions of Refundable Amount

Refundable Amount shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the Asset Purchase Agreement.
Refundable Amount shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a)(i).
Refundable Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 14.03(d). -----------------
Refundable Amount means the total of the following—

Related to Refundable Amount

  • Rescindable Amount has the meaning as defined in Section 2.12(b)(ii).

  • Allowable Amount on any date, means:

  • Allocable Amount has the meaning specified in Section 10.21(d).

  • Allocable Amounts, when used with respect to any Senior Indebtedness, means all amounts due or to become due on such Senior Indebtedness less, if applicable, any amount which would have been paid to, and retained by, the holders of such Senior Indebtedness (whether as a result of the receipt of payments by the holders of such Senior Indebtedness from the Company or any other obligor thereon or from any holders of, or trustee in respect of, other indebtedness that is subordinate and junior in right of payment to such Senior Indebtedness pursuant to any provision of such indebtedness for the payment over of amounts received on account of such indebtedness to the holders of such Senior Indebtedness or otherwise) but for the fact that such Senior Indebtedness is subordinate or junior in right of payment to (or subject to a requirement that amounts received on such Senior Indebtedness be paid over to obligees on) trade accounts payable or accrued liabilities arising in the ordinary course of business.

  • Applicable Amount means, at any time (the “Applicable Amount Reference Time”), an amount equal to (a) the sum, without duplication, of:

  • Agent Payment Account means account no. 5000000030266 of Agent at Wachovia Bank, National Association, or such other account of Agent as Agent may from time to time designate to Administrative Borrower as the Agent Payment Account for purposes of this Agreement and the other Financing Agreements.

  • Estimated Swap Termination Payment means, with respect to an Early Termination Date, an amount determined by Party A in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner as the maximum payment that could be owed by Party B to Party A in respect of such Early Termination Date pursuant to Section 6(e) of the ISDA Master Agreement, taking into account then current market conditions.

  • Due and Payable Amount means the amount that is due and payable under (and in accordance with the terms of) a Deliverable Obligation on the Delivery Date, whether by reason of acceleration, maturity, termination or otherwise (excluding sums in respect of default interest, indemnities, tax gross-ups and other similar amounts).

  • Available Amount of any Letter of Credit means, at any time, the maximum amount available to be drawn under such Letter of Credit at such time (assuming compliance at such time with all conditions to drawing).

  • Available Amounts means, with respect to any Payment Date, the sum of the following amounts (without duplication) with respect to the related Collection Period: (i) all Collections on Receivables, (ii) the Purchased Amount of each Receivable that becomes a Purchased Receivable, (iii) Advances, (iv) Recoveries and (v) any amounts paid by the Servicer in connection with a purchase of Receivables pursuant to Section 9.01(a) hereof.

  • Total Available Amount With respect to any Distribution Date, the sum of the Available Interest and the Available Principal for such Distribution Date and the amount of all cash or other immediately available funds on deposit in the Reserve Account immediately prior to such Distribution Date.

  • Gross-Up Payment shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.2 hereof.

  • Deactivation Avoidable Cost Credit means the credit paid to Generation Owners pursuant to Tariff, Part V, section 114. Deactivation Avoidable Cost Rate:

  • Minimum Disbursement Amount means Twenty-Five Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($25,000).

  • Deductible Amount means, with respect to any Insuring Agreement, the amount set forth under the heading “Deductible Amount” in Item 3 of the Declarations or in any Rider for such Insuring Agreement, applicable to each Single Loss covered by such Insuring Agreement.

  • Reimbursement Payment means the payment made to a Participating Operator for the Total Reimbursement due in respect of all Included Services he provides;

  • Payment month means, for all programs except EA, the calendar month for which benefits are issued.

  • Payment Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.

  • Note Payment Account means the trust account established and maintained as such pursuant to Section 4.1(b) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Swap Termination Payment Upon the designation of an “Early Termination Date” as defined in the Swap Agreement, the payment to be made by the Supplemental Interest Trust to the Swap Provider, or by the Swap Provider to the Supplemental Interest Trust, as applicable, pursuant to the terms of the Swap Agreement.

  • Minimum Monthly Payment for any Mortgage Loan and any month means the minimum amount required to be paid by the related mortgagor in that month.

  • Applicable Commitment Fee Rate shall mean the percentage rate per annum based on the Leverage Ratio then in effect according to the pricing grid on Schedule 1.1(A) below the heading “Commitment Fee.”

  • Replenishment Amount has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.06(b).

  • Like Amount means (a) with respect to a redemption of any Trust Securities, Trust Securities having a Liquidation Amount equal to the principal amount of Notes to be contemporaneously redeemed or paid at maturity in accordance with the Indenture, the proceeds of which will be used to pay the Redemption Price of such Trust Securities, (b) with respect to a distribution of Notes to Holders of Trust Securities in connection with a dissolution of the Trust, Notes having a principal amount equal to the Liquidation Amount of the Trust Securities of the Holder to whom such Notes are distributed and (c) with respect to any distribution of Additional Interest Amounts to Holders of Trust Securities, Notes having a principal amount equal to the Liquidation Amount of the Trust Securities in respect of which such distribution is made.

  • Designated Disbursement Account means the account of the Borrower maintained with the Administrative Agent or its Affiliate and designated in writing to the Administrative Agent as the Borrower’s Designated Disbursement Account (or such other account as the Borrower and the Administrative Agent may otherwise agree).

  • Annual Payment The total amount payable to the Settlement Fund Administrator by the Settling Distributors on the Payment Date each year, as calculated by the Settlement Fund Administrator pursuant to Section IV.B.1.e. For the avoidance of doubt, this term does not include the Additional Restitution Amount or amounts paid pursuant to Section X.