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  • Thus,the heights of trees and buildings are determined by subtracting the DEM and the DSM model heights.

  • Comparison of the DEM and DSM models of the test site in complex terrain 305 310 315 320the differences between the DEM and DSM models.

  • A Contracting Affiliation, as defined in 957 CMR 11.00 and the DSM, is any relationship between a Provider Organization and another Provider or Provider Organization for the purposes of negotiating, representing, or otherwise acting to establish contracts for the payment of Health Care Services, including for payment rates, incentives, and operating terms, with a Payer or TPA.

  • Please indicate the DSM 5 code of the claimant’s diagnosis and specifiers, and other conditions that may be the focus of clinical attention.

  • While the DEM model in the upper image only represents the orography, the DSM model in the lower image can also accurately detect and describe structures such as trees or other obstacles.

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DSM means Koninklijke DSM, N.V.