Elan definition

Elan means Elan Corp and its Affiliates.
Elan means EPIL and Affiliates and subsidiaries of Elan Corporation, Plc. within the division of Elan Corporation, Plc. carrying on business as Elan Pharmaceutical Technologies but shall not include Affiliates and subsidiaries (present or future) of Elan Corporation Plc within the division of Elan Corporation, Plc carrying on business as Elan Pharmaceuticals which incorporates, inter alia, Targon Corporation, Athena Neurosciences, Inc., Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Elan Diagnostics, Carnrick Laboratories, and Elan Europe Limited.

Examples of Elan in a sentence

  • PAQUE will be distributing A!1 Grade 1-3 TLMs in Lingala, Kiswahili and Ciluba-target provinces and will distribute ELAN Grade 1-3 TLMs in Kikongo-target provinces.

  • Utterance units are consecutively numbered, with the numbering appear- ing in the utterance_id tier in ELAN.

  • I play the entire legacy recording once through, then turn on my recorder to capture the transcription session and play the old narrative sentence by sentence from the ELAN software installed on my laptop.

  • Although we have benefitted from our own previous experience designing strategy languages in Maude, our language is also influenced by other strategy languages like ELAN [1,?] and Stratego [7].

  • For the NHANES, whole blood Se was measured by inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (ELAN DRC II; PerkinEl- mer, Norwalk, CT), and serum Se was measured by inductively coupled plasma–dynamic reaction cell–mass spectrometry, a multielement analytical technique capable of trace level elemental analysis.

More Definitions of Elan

Elan means Elan, plc and EPIL, and their respective successors and permitted assigns.
Elan means Elan, plc and EPIL.
Elan means Elan Corporation, plc, a public limited company organized and existing under the laws of Ireland.
Elan means Elan Corporation plc.
Elan means Elan Corporation, plc (Elan will be acting through its division Elan Pharmaceutical Technologies);