Auction Process definition

Auction Process means the process encompassing the setting of the auction calendar, the procedures for admission to bid, the procedures for submission of bids, the conduct of the auction, the calculation and announcement of the auction results, the arrangements for payment of the price due, delivery of the allowances and management of the collateral needed to cover any transaction risks, as well as the surveillance and monitoring of the proper conduct of the auctions by an auction platform;
Auction Process means the process for conduct of the Auction as set out in Clause 3.
Auction Process means a process as set forth in Annex 3;

Examples of Auction Process in a sentence

  • Without limitation to the foregoing, prior to the Closing, EME shall procure that all information that has been posted to Intralinks is retained there and that the Purchaser is able to access such information on Intralinks in the same manner as during the Auction Process.

  • None of the Parties shall publicly make any negative statements regarding any other Party, the Board or the Auction Process.

  • On August 4, 2010, the Other Bidder informed the Company’s financial advisor, via telephone, that it was withdrawing from the Auction Process.

  • Subject to Section 9.8 hereof, if the Auction Process is concluded and the Parties have made Capital Contributions in excess of the amount required to purchase the Licenses on which Royal Street was the Successful Bidder, then Royal Street shall return the excess funds to the Parties in accordance with their respective Percentage Interests.

  • The Auction Agent shall follow the settlement and payment procedures set forth in the Auction Documents or the Zions Direct MTN Auction Process, as applicable.

More Definitions of Auction Process

Auction Process means the process and procedure through which those Licenses being auctioned by the FCC in Auction No. 58 were offered to qualified bidders commencing with preparation and filing of FCC Form 175 for Auction No. 58 through the award of any License for which Royal Street is the Successful Bidder.
Auction Process means the process described, and update from time to time, on the Website under the heading “How Auctions work” together with any restrictions, amendments or eligibility criteria described on the information page of our Website for the relevant Auction.
Auction Process means the process described, and updated from time to time, on the Website under the heading “How auctions work” and related content linked to that description.
Auction Process has the meaning set out in the recitals to this Agreement.
Auction Process means the process undertaken by EME involving the potential disposition of substantially all of its assets held outside the United States in one or more transactions, including the procedures employed by EME through which its indirect ownership interest in MEC BV and its Subsidiaries was offered for sale to competing bidders.
Auction Process means the auction process described in Section 5 of this Settlement Agreement.
Auction Process means the process and procedure through which those licenses being auctioned by the FCC in Auction No. 58 are being offered to qualified bidders, qualified bidders bid on, and Successful Bidders are ultimately awarded licenses, as amended by the FCC from time-to-time.