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  • Given its controversial nature, however, it seems valuable to discuss what impact excluding the ICS from provisional application would have on the rights of investors from both Parties.Needless to say, the fact that the ICS will not be provisionally applied does not mean that investors from both Parties will not have rights under CETA as of the first day of its provisional application.

  • This would be a somewhat ironic side-effect of the exclusion of the ICS from provisional application, considered that commercial arbitration offers less guarantees inAccording to the CETA Decision, the exclusion of the ICS from pro- visional application translates into the carving out of all related proce- dural provisions laid down in Chapter 8 CETA (particularly, Article 8.18 to Article 8.45).

  • Memoirs of Rajeshwar Dayal, ICS: Evidence of British- Golwalkar communal tie-up ex- ists.

  • However, the exclusion of the ICS from pro- visional application might mean that investors from both Parties will have no remedy available pending entry into force.

  • The IMO’s MEPC made a critical decision that will have profound implications for the economics of shipping In October 2016.As expected by ICS, IMO confirmed that it will implement the global cap on the sulphur content of marine fuel on January 1, 2020 setting aside an option to postpone until 2025.

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ICS means the International Chamber of Shipping; “IMDG” means International Maritime Dangerous Goods; “IMO” means the International Maritime Organisation;
ICS means the Investor Compensation Scheme under the Investor Compensation Act 1998;