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Elevators means facilities leasing space for storage of crops;
Elevators. Semi-automatic lift of reputed make brand or equivalent. • Extra Facilities
Elevators. The Lessor shall supply passenger elevators during Business Hours. At all other times, limited elevator service shall be available. The Lessee shall have the use of escalators, if any, and elevators, in conjunction with all other persons having access thereto. The freight elevator, if any, shall be used for the conveyance of furniture to the Leased Premises, the whole pursuant to the Lessor's guidelines. Any deliveries shall be made at the loading ramp of the Building only, and may be made solely by the representatives of the Lessee.

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  • If, in the opinion of the Division after due investigation, it is found that the enforcement of any provision contained in Section 7, Records; Section 12, Rest Periods; Section 13, Change Rooms and Resting Facilities; Section 14, Seats; Section 15, Temperature; or Section 16, Elevators, would not materially affect the welfare or comfort of employees and would work an undue hardship on the employer, exemption may be made at the discretion of the Division.

  • Competency Certificate issued by Director of Factories, AP For Persons competent to carry out Inspection & Certification of Lifting Equipments, Pressure Vessels and Elevators etc VSP reserves the right to reject the offer in case the required documents are not submitted.

  • The elevators shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the current edition of the ASME A17.2, Inspector’s Manual for Elevators.

  • Elevators shall be equipped with telephones or other two-way emergency communication systems.

  • Elevators shall be provided with Phase I emergency recall operation and Phase II emergency in-car operation in accordance with ASME A17.1/CSA B44.

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Elevators. If all or any portion of the Demised Premises is located on other than the ground floor of the Building, Owner, at Owner's expense, shall have a passenger elevator subject to call at all times. Owner shall not be required to furnish any operator service for automatic elevators. If Owner shall, at any time, elect to furnish operator service for any automatic elevators, Owner shall have the right to discontinue furnishing such service with the same effect as if Owner had never elected to furnish such service.
Elevators means any lift or escalator in the Building.
Elevators means the lifts and escalators and all other related equipment in the building. Fitout means partitions, screens, doors, decorative items, built-in and loose furniture, and other associated items. Fitout does not include office equipment belonging to the Tenant. Floor coverings means all loose coverings on the floor of the Premises and includes fixed coverings such as carpets and tiles. Land means the lot on which the building (if any) is situated and includes all improvements and fixtures on the land. Laws includes statutes and subordinate legislation, ordinances and by-laws. ‘Major Leased’ buildings means those major buildings in Brisbane where the majority of the building’s space is leased by the State of Queensland from the private sector. Currently these are: State Law building, Capital Hill, 46 Charlotte St, 000 Xxx Xx, Health, Forestry and Transport Houses. Normal business hours means the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, except for public holidays. Plant room means a room or area constructed or reserved for plant and/or equipment which is required to operate the building or the building’s services. Premises means that part or parts of the building leased to the Tenant as shown on the plan(s) attached to the Schedule. Rent means the monthly amount or amounts specified in the Schedule subject to review as stated in Part 3 of this Occupancy Agreement or the Schedule. This is a fully gross rent, being inclusive of normal outgoings expenses paid by the Landlord. Rent review date means the rent review dates specified in the Schedule. Schedule means the Lease Details Schedule which contains specific details regarding a lease of particular premises.
Elevators means the elevators identified and listed in Exhibits “B” and “D” of the Pricing Sheets, as well as any other elevator(s) added to this Contract and all associated materials, equipment and appurtenances of any nature whatsoever furnished and installed in connection with such elevators.
Elevators. All elevators shall be swept, and damp mopped to keep a clean appearance, and must be free of any trash or debris. Clean doors inside and outside to be free of streaks, stains, spots, and smudges. 2. Every Other Day: a. Exterior Cleaning: Empty all exterior trash receptacles. 3. Weekly: a. Clean Interior Glass/Mirrors: Clean all interior glass, including glass in doors, partitions, walls, display cases, and directory boards including terminal common area windows and glass doors on the ground level. After glass cleaning, there shall be no traces of film, dirt, smudges, water, or other foreign matter. b.
Elevators and “Elevator” has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Elevators means the two (2) Elevators identified and listed in Exhibit "A" of the Contractor's Bid Sheets, and all associated materials, equipment and appurtenances of any nature whatsoever furnished and installed in connection with such elevators.