Electric provider definition

Electric provider means any of the following:
Electric provider means either an electric public utility or a rural electric cooperative.
Electric provider means an electric utility or retail elec- tric cooperative.

Examples of Electric provider in a sentence

  • Electric provider participation and customer enrollment in such programs are voluntary.

More Definitions of Electric provider

Electric provider means an electric utility or retail electric cooperative.
Electric provider means that term as defined in section 5 of the clean and renewable energy and energy waste reduction act, 2008 PA 295, MCL 460.1005.
Electric provider means an electrical utility, as defined in Section 58‑27‑10 and the Public Service Authority created by Chapter 31, Title 58.
Electric provider means any person or entity whose rates are regulated by
Electric provider means an electric cooperative, an investor-owned electric utility, and the South Carolina Public Service Authority.
Electric provider. , subject to sections and means any of the following: