Electric vehicle definition

Electric vehicle means a road vehicle that draws propulsion energy only from an on-board source of electrical energy.
Electric vehicle means a motor vehicle equipped with a powertrain containing at least one non-peripheral electric machine as energy converter with an electric rechargeable energy storage system, which can be recharged externally;
Electric vehicle means a vehicle which is powered exclusively by an electric motor whose traction energy is supplied exclusively by traction battery installed in the vehicle and has such electric regenerative braking system, which during braking provides for the conversion of vehicle kinetic energy into electrical energy;

Examples of Electric vehicle in a sentence

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment listed in item 2, subparagraph 5, Paragraph 1 shall be included as legal measuring instruments subject to verification and enter into force on 1 January 2023.

  • In the transport market, Africa has the potential to lead the Electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

  • Electric vehicle charging pointsTo accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, the UK Government has announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2030, with hybrid vehicles allowed to be sold until 2035.

  • Electric vehicle technologies impact national security through enhanced military capabilities, energy independence, clean and healthy environment and economic growth.

  • Electric vehicle technology and charging stationsThe progression of Electric Vehicles (EV) technology is heavily contingent on the Electrotechnology industry because it directly supports the mechanics of charging stations.

More Definitions of Electric vehicle

Electric vehicle means any vehicle that operates, either partially or exclusively, on electrical energy from the grid, or an off-board source, that is stored on-board for motive purpose, including: (1) a battery electric vehicle; (2) a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle; (3) a neighborhood electric vehicle; and (4) a medium-speed electric vehicle.
Electric vehicle. (EV) means a motor vehicle with an electric motor as its sole mean of propulsion.
Electric vehicle means a vehicle that is powered solely by an electric motor powered by storage
Electric vehicle means a vehicle that operates, either partially or exclusively, on electrical energy from the electrical grid, or an off-grid source, that is stored on board for motive purposes.
Electric vehicle means a vehicle that is exclusively powered by and refueled by electricity, must be plugged in to charge, and is licensed to drive on public roadways. "Electric vehicle" does not include electric mopeds, electric off highway vehicles, or hybrid electric vehicles and extended-range electric vehicles that are also equipped with conventional fueled propulsion or auxiliary engines. [415 ILCS 120/10]
Electric vehicle means any Vehicle that is propelled, partially or exclusively, by means of a battery powered motor.
Electric vehicle means a vehicle that is powered by an electric motor drawing current from rechargeable storage batteries or other portable electrical energy storage devices, provided the recharge energy must be drawn from a source off the vehicle, such as, but not limited to: