EBS definition

EBS means Electronic Bid Submission.
EBS means Educational Broadband Service, a fixed or mobile service, the licensees of which are educational institutions or non-profit educational organizations, and intended primarily for video, data, or voice transmissions of instructional, cultural, and other types of educational material licensed by the FCC under Part 27 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as amended and interpreted by the FCC.
EBS is defined in Recital A.

Examples of EBS in a sentence

  • From the cost effectiveness alone, the best machines that have been observed would be those from the c4 and m4 series, but the c4 and m4 instances do not have local ephemeral disk so we must attach Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) at extra cost.

  • Electronic brake system (EBS) Visual inspection and inspection of warning device and/or using electronic vehicle interface.

  • Proponents shall be solely responsible for the delivery of their Submission using MERX EBS by the Closing, in accordance with the Submission Instructions herein.

  • Escaping through a window opening which is underwater, from a partially submerged helicopter (without deploying EBS or operation of a push out window).

  • Escaping through a window opening which is underwater, from a capsized helicopter (*deploying and operating EBS on the surface prior to capsize and the operation of a push out window).

More Definitions of EBS

EBS has the meaning specified in the preamble.
EBS means the service provided by AWS known as the Elastic Block Store which provides block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 Instances.
EBS means Educational Broadband Service, formerly know as ITFS.
EBS means Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
EBS means Educational Broadband Service, as that term is defined in the New FCC Order.
EBS means with respect to the System, an active customer for basic service either in a single household, a commercial establishment or in a multi-unit dwelling (including a hotel unit); provided, however, that the number of customers in a multi-unit dwelling or commercial establishment that obtain service on a "bulk-rate" basis will be determined by dividing the gross bulk-rate billxxxx xxx basic service (excluding any installation or non-recurring revenue) attributable to such multi-unit dwelling or commercial establishment during the most recent billing period ended prior to the date of the calculation by the applicable expanded basic rate for non-bulk subscribers. For purposes of this definition, an "ACTIVE CUSTOMER" will mean any Person, commercial establishment or multi-unit dwelling at any given time that is paying for and receiving basic service from the System who has an account that is not more than 90 days past due (except for past due amounts of $5.00 or less, provided such account is otherwise current). For purposes of this definition, an "active customer" does not include any Person, commercial establishment or multi-unit dwelling that (i) as of the date of calculation has not paid in full the charges for at least one month of the services ordered; (ii) any subscriber whose service is pending disconnection for any reason; or (iii) any subscriber of the System which was obtained since July 1, 1998 through extraordinary marketing or promotional programs or marketing or promotional programs not consistent with the past practices of the System.
EBS means the Enovis Growth Excellence Business System (formerly known as the Colfax Business System) in existence as of the Distribution Date, which is a set of proprietary tools, processes, methodologies, practices and related training materials developed by or for and owned by the Enovis Group that are designed to continuously improve business management and performance in the critical areas of quality, delivery, cost, growth and innovation.