Mobile Service Sample Clauses

Mobile Service. Mobile Broadband is a “Mobile Service” and the Mobile Terms will apply to this Service.
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Mobile Service. The Good Service is a “Mobile Service” and the Mobile Terms will apply to this Service.
Mobile Service. 3.1 We agree to supply the Mobile Service to you, and you agree to acquire them from us, at the prices and on the terms of this Agreement.
Mobile Service. (a) As resellers we cannot guarantee 100% UK coverage on any Network. It is your responsibility to check coverage availability in the area you wish to use the Service including without limitation where we recommend a specific mobile Network to you. Please ask us for online website checkers of Service availability for each mobile network. The online Service availability checker produces estimates only and is not 100% accurate and can not factor in things like thickness of walls (or similar) which may affect Service availability. We shall not be responsible for any error or inaccuracy in the results of the online availability checker and you should not rely on such when entering into the Contract.
Mobile Service. The BlackBerry Service is a “Mobile Service” and the Mobile Terms will apply to this Service.
Mobile Service. 2.3.1 Our Mobile Service is provided month-to-month (i.e. You are not contracting for any fixed term with respect to the Mobile Service) in accordance with these Mobile Service Terms, requiring that You pay fixed amounts at monthly intervals. However, please note that if You have committed to the purchase of a Corresponding Mobile Device under an Instalment Plan, termination of Your Mobile Service (where You have not elected to return or swap Your Mobile Device under the 30-Day Swap or Return Option) may result in the acceleration of all outstanding Monthly Instalments in respect of that Corresponding Mobile Device. (For more information, please see the definition of Acceleration Trigger Event and clause 3.4 in the Mobile Device Terms). 3 The Network
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Mobile Service. A service of radio- communication between mobile and base stations, or between mobile sta- tions.
Mobile Service. “Mobile service” means the bidder will travel to the site of the vehicle’s location. Repair/replacement must be done at the location where the vehicle is located, and the vehicle must be located within the bidder’s awarded region. Repair/replacement may be done at the bidders’ location if the purchaser requests a change of location and if the bidder and purchaser agree to an updated location. “Bidders location” means the purchaser will bring the vehicle to one of the addresses listed on the bidder’s information page online. Mobile service applies to routine and emergency appointment services (if the bidder provides emergency appointment services). Separate charges for mobile services will not be allowed.
Mobile Service. By using the Mobile Service, Customer authorizes Xxxxx to place the Mobile Service identified on Xxxxx’x order forms under a term pricing arrangement at Customer’s specified service address for the requested telephone number(s). For Mobile Service, Customer’s service address will be recorded as its “Primary Place of Use”. Mobile Service is for Customer’s use only. Service may not be resold or used by any third party.
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