Broadridge definition

Broadridge means Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
Broadridge means Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions.
Broadridge means Broadridge Investor Communications;

Examples of Broadridge in a sentence

  • The Board compared the Fund’s contractual management fee rate to the contractual management fee rates of funds in the Fund’s Broadridge expense group.

  • The Board considered the Fund’s investment management fee schedule, operating expenses and total expense ratios, and comparative information provided by Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

  • The Board also reviewed data comparing each other operational share class’s total (net) operating expenses to the applicable Broadridge Universe Expenses.

  • The Board considered comparative information regarding fees charged for these services, including information provided by Broadridge and other independent sources.

  • The Board also reviewed the methodology used by Broadridge in providing expense group information, which includes using each fund’s contractual management fee schedule (including any applicable breakpoints) as reported in the most recent prospectus or statement of additional information for each fund in the expense group.

More Definitions of Broadridge

Broadridge means Broadridge Investor Communications Corporation.
Broadridge has the meaning in the preamble hereof.
Broadridge means Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation.
Broadridge means Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Broadridge means Broadridge Investor Solutions Inc.
Broadridge means Broadridge Investor Communications Corporation in Canada and its counterpart in the United States.
Broadridge means Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. and its affiliates.