Atlas definition

Atlas means Automated Transportation Logistics Activity System. ATLAS is a computerized information system to which all Shippers have access upon request. ATLAS enables Shippers to nominate and release product and to monitor and coordinate the movement of Petroleum Products while on Carrier's system.
Atlas means Atlas Air, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Atlas means the company formed as a societe anonyme under the laws of Belgium pursuant to the Joint Venture Agreement, dated as of December 15, 1994, between FT and DT, as amended.

Examples of Atlas in a sentence

  • In: Color Atlas and Textbook of Pulmonary Pathology, 2nd Ed. Cagle PT, editor-in-chief.

  • In: Cagle PT, editor-in-chief, Atlas and Textbook of Pulmonary Pathology.

  • The UNDP Country Office will send the final signed closure documents including confirmation of final cumulative expenditure and unspent balance to the UNDP-GEF Unit for confirmation before the project will be financially closed in Atlas by the UNDP Country Office.

  • County Directions – FLUE Policy 2.1-g: The County shall use the County Directions in the Introduction of the Future Land Use Element to guide decisions to update the Future Land Use Atlas, provide for a distribution of future land uses in the unincorporated area that will accommodate the future population of Palm Beach County, and provide an adequate amount of conveniently located facilities and services while maintaining the diversity of lifestyles in the County.

  • As minimum requirement, the Annual Review Report shall consist of the Atlas standard format for the QPR covering the whole year with updated information for each above element of the QPR as well as a summary of results achieved against pre-defined annual targets at the output level.

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Atlas means AAWW or its subsidiaries.
Atlas means Atlas Resources, LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company, whose principal executive offices are located at 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000, and any successor entity to Atlas Resources, LLC, whether by merger or any other form of reorganization, or the acquisition of all, or substantially all, of Atlas Resources, LLC’s assets.
Atlas means Atlas Corporation, a Delaware corporation, the Chapter 11 Debtor under Case No. 98-23331 DEC.
Atlas shall have the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph.
Atlas has the meaning specified therefor in the introductory paragraph.
Atlas has the meaning set forth in the preamble hereto.