ITC definition

ITC. (this Section2 of the RFP) means the Instructions to Consultants that provides the Consultants with all information needed to prepare their Proposals.
ITC means the investment tax credit under Section 48 of the Code.

Examples of ITC in a sentence

  • That said, reputation is extraordinarily difficult to measure, and unfortunately is to some extent at the mercy of events potentially outside the control of the ITC.

  • Governance processes in ITC continuously reinforce and help realise the Company’s belief in ethical corporate citizenship.

  • In the second specification, we replaced the single treatment variable with three binary variables—had taken First Step/FAST TRACK only, had taken MTI classes, and had taken ITC classes.

  • Wireless infrared or Bluetooth (desirable) 5.6.3. Data Input DevicesThis section provides a mandatory product falling within the general category of sensors and detectors that provide data input into a computer system, tablet, and/or handheld ITC (information technology/communication) device.

  • We confirm that we have read, understood and accept the contents of the Instructions to Service Providers/ Consulting Firms (ITC), Terms of Reference (TOR), the Draft Contract, the provisions relating to the eligibility of Service Providers/ Consulting Firms, any and all bulletins issued and other attachments and inclusions included in the RFP sent to us.

More Definitions of ITC

ITC means an investment tax credit pursuant to Code Sections 38(b)(1), 46 and 48(a).
ITC means the Oregon State Hospital’s (OSH) Psychology Internship Program’s (OSH-PIP) Internship Training Committee. The ITC consists of licensed doctoral psychologists, and licensed-eligible persons. The ITC assists the Training Director(s) with development, oversight, and evaluation of the internship program; this includes the development and implementation of policies as well as intern selection.
ITC means the tax credit forenergy property” described in Section 48(a)(3)(A)(i) and 48(a)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as it may be amended or supplemented from time to time.
ITC means the Initial Test of Competence, a qualifying examination set by the Examinations Committee of SAICA as one of the prerequisites for registration as a CA(SA);
ITC. (this Section2 of the RFP) means the Instructions to Consultants that provides the
ITC has the meaning set forth in the preamble.