EDS definition

EDS means Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a Delaware corporation, all its direct and indirect subsidiaries, all its affiliated entities, and all its successors and assigns, and the employees, agents, attorneys, officers and directors of each of them.
EDS means Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
EDS means the Electronic Cash Deposit Slip Service.

Examples of EDS in a sentence

  • Certification center, KCIS "Kazakhstani Center for Interbank Settlements of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan" Republican State Enterprise on the basis of economic control rights certifying the compliance of the EDS public key with the EDS private key, as well as confirming the authenticity of the registration certificate Company account The name of the Customer in the Internet Banking System, which identifies the Customer in order to provide access to the "KZI i-Bank".

More Definitions of EDS

EDS means this complete Economic Disclosure Statement and Execution Document, including all sections listed in the Index and any attachments.
EDS means "electronic data system" as defined in Subsection 58-37f-303(1)(c).
EDS means Electronic Data Systems, the Medi-Cal fiscal intermediary.
EDS. Section 9.9.12.
EDS shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble hereof.
EDS means Electronic Data Services Corporation.
EDS means the Electronic Disposition System and all programs, hardware, documentation, functions and services forming a part thereof or associate therewith.