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Examples of EDS in a sentence

  • The certifications, disclosures, and acknowledgments contained in this EDS will become part of any contract or other agreement between the Applicant and the City in connection with the Matter, whether procurement, City assistance, or other City action, and are material inducements to the City's execution of any contract or taking other action with respect to the Matter.

  • In the event of changes, the Disclosing Party must supplement this EDS up to the time the City takes action on the Matter.

  • The Disclosing Party understands that it must comply with all statutes, ordinances, and regulations on which this EDS is based.

  • By completing and signing this EDS, the Disclosing Party waives and releases any possible rights or claims which it may have against the City in connection with the public release of information contained in this EDS and also authorizes the City to verify the accuracy of any information submitted in this EDS.

  • To the best of the Disclosing Party's knowledge after reasonable inquiry, the following is a complete list of all gifts that the Disclosing Party has given or caused to be given, at any time during the 12-month period preceding the execution date of this EDS, to an employee, or elected or appointed official, of the City of Chicago.

More Definitions of EDS

EDS means "electronic data system" as defined in Subsection 58-37f-303(1)(c).
EDS means Electronic Data Systems, the Medi-Cal fiscal intermediary.
EDS. Section 9.9.12.
EDS shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble hereof.
EDS including EDS' subsidiary, Centrobe) for General Motors internal use. VAR shall pay Forte a Sublicense fee equal to Forte's then-current list price, [*], plus initial year Support Fees for such Sublicense.
EDS means HP Enterprise Services, LLC (formerly Electronic Data Systems Corporation and Electronic Data Systems, LLC).