GP definition

GP means Gottbetter & Partners, LLP.
GP has the meaning assigned to such term in the opening paragraph of this Agreement.
GP means the Person that is the general partner of an MLP.

Examples of GP in a sentence

  • The Partnership is structured as a: (choose one) ☐ - General Partnership (GP).

  • Sharing of care assumes communication between the specialist, GP and patient.

  • BORROWER: XXXXXXXX XXXXXX GROCERY CENTER OPERATING PARTNERSHIP I, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership By: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Grocery Center OP GP I LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, its General Partner By: /s/ Xxxx X.

  • This information is used to register you with the GP Practice, transfer your medical records between GP practices in the UK, make payments to GP Practices for medical services provided, and to process and issue medical exemption certificates and entitlement cards.NHS National Services Scotland shares information about you within NHSScotland to assist in the provision and improvement of NHS services and the health of the public.

  • To enable NHS National Services Scotland to confirm my eligibility to lawfully register with a GP and for the purposes of prevention, detection, and investigation of crime, the minimum necessary information from this form could be disclosed to relevant authorities.

More Definitions of GP

GP has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
GP has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
GP means Acadian Timber GP Inc., a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario;
GP means Teekay Offshore GP L.L.C., a Xxxxxxxx Islands limited liability company with Company No. 960881, which is the general partner of the Issuer, which is a limited partnership formed under the Xxxxxxxx Islands Limited Partnership Act and governed by a limited partnership agreement. Under such Act and partnership agreement, the GP manages the operations and activities of the Issuer.
GP shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.