Wholesaler definition

Wholesaler means any person, other than a vintner, brewer or bottler of beer or wine, who shall sell, barter, exchange, offer for sale, have in possession with intent to sell, deal or traffic in alcoholic liquor, wine, or beer. A wholesaler shall not sell for consumption upon the premises.
Wholesaler means a person who is licensed by the commission and sells beer, wine, or mixed spirit drink only to retailers or other licensees, and who sells sacramental wine as provided in section 301. A wholesaler includes a person who may also act as a master distributor unless prohibited from doing so by its supplier or manufacturer in a written agreement required by either section 305(3)(i) or 403(3)(i) and, by mutual agreement with an outstate seller of beer or wine, can be authorized by the outstate seller of beer or wine to do, in the manner provided by the commission, either or both of the following:
Wholesaler means a person that for a commission or with intent to make a profit or gain of

Examples of Wholesaler in a sentence

  • The Wholesale Retail Code (WRC) governs the interactions between Wholesalers and Retailers and sets out the basis on which Wholesalers and Retailers will communicate with the Market Operator so that it can calculate sums due by each Retailer to each Wholesaler and administer the customer switching process.

  • Wholesaler is free to set amount of Margin charged to each Subscriber.

  • Other Traditional Handheld Meters Filter and Handheld Meter Wholesaler We are also a wholesaler of various digital, analog, and quantum light meters and filtration products, including fan speed adjusters, carbon filters and HEPA filtration systems.

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Wholesaler means a person that purchases electricity or ancillary services in the IESO administered markets or directly from a generator or, a person who sells electricity or ancillary services through the IESO-administered markets or directly to another person other than a consumer.
Wholesaler means any person who sells at wholesale any beverage for the sale of which a license is required under the provisions of this chapter.
Wholesaler means a person, other than a brewer, brew- pub, manufacturer, or rectifier, who sells alcohol beverages to a licensed retailer or to another person who holds a permit to sell alcohol beverages at wholesale.
Wholesaler means those entities authorized to sell alcohol beverages at wholesale to licensed retailers, including wholesalers of malt liquors and fermented malt beverages, wholesalers of vinous and spirituous liquors, limited wineries, brewpubs, distillery pubs, and vintner's restaurants.