Disruption definition

Disruption. , as used in this part, means the cost effect upon, or the increased cost of performing, the unchanged work due to a change to the contract.
Disruption means student engages in low-intensity, inappropriate disruption;

Examples of Disruption in a sentence

  • Hedging Disruption: Applicable; provided that the Hedging Party shall use commercially reasonable efforts to avoid a Hedging Disruption on terms reasonably acceptable to the Hedging Party (it being understood that such party need not take any action that does not meet the Avoidance Criteria).

  • The occurrence of a Change in Law and/or a Hedging Disruption and/or an Increased Cost of Hedging.

  • Definition of Suspension Offenses Disruption of SchoolNo student, by use of violence, force, noise, coercion, threat, intimidation, fear, active or passive resistance, false alarms or any other conduct, shall intentionally cause the disruption or obstruction of any lawful process or function of the school or urge other students to engage in such conduct.The following acts are prohibited:1.

  • Non-published fares (private fares)……………………………………………… Page15 Part C: Customer Disruption Debrief1.

  • A restriction of trading which is levied during the course of any day due to price developments exceeding certain prescribed limits shall only be deemed to be a Market Disruption if such restriction continues until the end of trading hours on the relevant day.

More Definitions of Disruption

Disruption means to interrupt, impede or obstruct teaching, instructional, research, disciplinary, public service, administration, or other university activities. Examples of Disruption include, but are not limited to the following: allowing personal electronic communication devices to ring or beep, making or receiving phone calls, messages, or otherwise disrupting class or scheduled university instructional activities; assembling in a manner that is disruptive and not peaceful, refusing to follow the direction of a university official, entering or attempting to enter any athletic, dance, social or other event without the credentials for admission (e.g. ticket, identification card or invitation).
Disruption or “Disruptions” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.1 of the Agreement.
Disruption has the meaning given this term in Schedule 7.8.