Disruption definition

Disruption. , as used in this part, means the cost effect upon, or the increased cost of performing, the unchanged work due to a change to the contract.
Disruption means student engages in low-intensity, inappropriate disruption;

Examples of Disruption in a sentence

Delayed Redemption on Occurrence of an Additional Disruption Event and/or Optional Additional Disruption Event: Not applicable.

Disruption of operations of any one or more units or division of the listed entity due to natural calamity (earthquake, flood, fire etc.), force majeure or events such as strikes, lockouts etc.

However such delay could be significantly longer, particularly in the case of a delay in the exercise of the Warrants arising from, a determination by the Issuer that a Market Disruption Event has occurred at any relevant time or that adjustments are required in accordance with the Conditions.

The following Optional Additional Disruption Events apply to the Securities: Significant Alteration Event, Administrator/Benchmark Event.

In the case of a Termination Event, Event of Default, Delisting or Additional Disruption Event, one Share or, in the case of an Insolvency, Nationalization or Merger Event, one Share or a unit consisting of the number or amount of each type of property received by a holder of one Share (without consideration of any requirement to pay cash or other consideration in lieu of fractional amounts of any securities) in such Insolvency, Nationalization or Merger Event, as applicable.

More Definitions of Disruption

Disruption has the meaning given this term in Schedule 7.8.
Disruption means (as the case may be):
Disruption. ’ means the child being unmatched from the adoptive family due to non-adjustment of the child with the adoptive family after placement, but prior to the completion of the legal process of adoption;
Disruption means an approval by the Child Permanency Program Manager to end an adoption process after adoption placement selection but before the adoption is legally finalized.
Disruption means a variation to any CVL Base Service which would otherwise have operated, where such variation has one or more of the following effects: