Crisis definition

Crisis means a situation in which a student engages in a behavior that threatens the health and safety of the student or others and includes without limitation a situation in which the student becomes aggressive or violent at school and is unable to regain self-control without posing a danger of injury to himself or herself or others.
Crisis means an actual relapse or an unforeseen event or circumstance which presents to the beneficiary an imminent threat of relapse. Crisis intervention services shall be limited to the stabilization of the beneficiary’s emergency situation.
Crisis means an actual or perceived urgent or emergent situa­ tion that occurs when an individual's stability or functioning is dis­ rupted and there is an immediate need to resolve the situation to pre­ vent a serious deterioration in the individual's mental or physical health, or to prevent the need for referral to a significantly higher level of care.

Examples of Crisis in a sentence

  • Knowledge of: • District disciplinary rules and procedures • Safety procedures and practices • Substance abuse • Gang related activity • Crisis prevention/intervention skills Ability to: • Observe and report unsafe conditions • Use physical restraint if necessary • Understand and follow verbal and written direction • Meet schedules and timelines • Communicate effectively with others • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.

  • The Crisis Intervention Referral form must be completed and returned to the Juvenile Probation Department within the same 24-hours.

  • The objective of the Project is to assist the Borrower in maintaining macroeconomic stability and supporting economic growth during the Kosovo Crisis.

  • Knowledge of: • District disciplinary and attendance rules and procedures • Crowd Control • Safety procedures and practices • The symptoms of the use of illegal substances • Gang, drug and graffiti-related activities • Education Code and State Law as they relate to student behavior • School safety plan • Crisis prevention and intervention skills Ability to: • Coordinate and participate in campus supervision activities at an assigned school site.

  • The purpose of the Family Crisis Leave Exchange is to provide sick leave to certificated employees after their accumulated sick leave, personal leave, annual leave and any other leave available to them has been exhausted.

More Definitions of Crisis

Crisis means an actual or perceived urgent or emergent situation that occurs when an individual’s stability or functioning is disrupted, and there is an immediate need to resolve the situation to prevent a serious deterioration in the individual’s mental or physical health or to prevent referral to a significantly higher level of care or death.
Crisis means the public announcement that an “incident” occurred on your premises or at an event sponsored by you.
Crisis means a deteriorating or unstable situation often developing suddenly or rapidly that produces acute, heightened, emotional, mental, physical, medical, or behavioral distress; or any situation or circumstance in which the individual perceives or experiences a sudden loss of his ability to use effective problem-solving and coping skills.
Crisis means "crisis" as defined in OAR 411-320-0020.
Crisis means 1 of the following:
Crisis means a situation, as determined by a qualified Services Coordinator that could result in civil court commitment under ORS 427 and imminent risk of loss of the community support system for an adult or the imminent risk of loss of home for a child with no appropriate alternative resources available.
Crisis means any situation in a Member State or third country in which a harmful event has occurred which clearly exceeds the dimensions of harmful events in everyday life and which substan­ tially endangers or restricts the life and health of people, or has a substantial impact on property values, or requires measures in order to supply the population with necessities; a crisis shall also be deemed to have arisen if the occurrence of such a harmful event is deemed to be impending; armed conflicts and wars shall be regarded as crises for the purposes of this Directive;