Land Cost definition

Land Cost shall have the meaning specified in Section 5.4 of the Agency Agreement.
Land Cost shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 5.4 of the Agency Agreement.

Examples of Land Cost in a sentence

  • Land Use: Commercial & Industrial Construction Cost Per Acre $1,640; Land Cost Per Acre $1,010; Total Cost Per Acre $2,650.

  • Should you cancel, the following fees will apply: If you cancel: Cancellation fee is: More than 70 days prior to departure 30% of Safari Land Cost 42 days to 69 days prior to departure 60% of Safari Land Cost 41 days or less prior to departure including no-show or early return 100% of Safari Land Cost In all cases, airline cancellation or change fees may apply as well.

  • All conditions of the RERA Law as modified and supplemented by State Law where there project land is located, shall be applicable with respect to Land Cost (Upfront Lease Premium and including other considerations like towards cost of redevelopment of railway assets) payable to RLDA and Cost of Construction arising from private development project and are accepted by the Bank as such.

More Definitions of Land Cost

Land Cost means $10,560,000.00.
Land Cost means one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of the Land for all, but not less than all, the Properties.
Land Cost being an amount equal to the sum of (A) Seventeen Dollars ($17.00) multiplied by the Rentable Area of the Premises (the "Base Land Cost") plus (B) an amount equal to the Base Land Cost multiplied by five percent (5%) multiplied by the number of full years and the fraction of a year between the April 7, 1998 and the Commencement Date.
Land Cost means $6,000,000.
Land Cost means and includes:
Land Cost means the purchase price paid by Lennar to the Company or its affiliate for Lots. If the Land Cost for each Lot on a property is not separately stated, the Land Cost for each Lot will be the total cost of acquiring the property divided by the number of Lots on the property.