Land Cost definition

Land Cost shall have the meaning specified in Section 5.4 of the Agency Agreement.
Land Cost means $10,560,000.00.

Examples of Land Cost in a sentence

  • Any amount actually recognised by KotaSAS and Tanah Makmur KotaSAS as Land Cost in any financial year which is in excess of the yearly guaranteed Land Cost will be ignored and shall not be used to determine whether the yearly minimum guarantee entitlement is met.

  • Proportion of the Cost incurred on Land Cost and Construction Cost to the Total Estimated Cost.

  • Property, plant and equipmentThe cost, depreciation, and impairment of the property, plant and equipment of the Company as for the six-month periods ended June 30, 2012 and 2013 are as follows: Land Cost or deemed cost:Building and improvementsMachinery and equipment WorldReginfo - 28edfbc0-13ea-4297-8e53-ca640de4d81dNote:Reclassifications are mainly transferring from advance payment for equipment and other assets-noncurrent to expenses.

  • Land Cost: Actual or up to 10% of Eligible Project Cost (EPC) (excluding cost of Land & Land Development) whichever is less.

  • It is a cost to the council to facilitate the Knowledge tests which we currently offer on a monthly basis.

More Definitions of Land Cost

Land Cost means the cost and expenses for obtaining the Land Use Rights, subject to Article 7.3 hereof. “Land Use Rights” means the legal and beneficial right to use the Land for the purposes envisioned in this Contract, including granted land use rights or leased land use rights under Chinese laws and regulations. “Legislative Requirements” means: (a) any law applicable to the Facility, including statutes, regulations, by-laws, orders, proclamations or other subordinate legislation of any national, regional local or other competent authority having any jurisdiction in connection with the construction of the Facility; and (b) Approvals (including any condition or requirement under them). “Material Breach” or “Materially Breach” means, except as otherwise specified in this Contract, any breach of the terms or conditions of this Contract, including its Suzhou Fangzhen Construction/Metaldyne Pre-Lease Agreement 7
Land Cost means one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of the Land for all, but not less than all, the Properties.
Land Cost means the Obligors' actual cost incurred to purchase the Raw Land.
Land Cost means the total bonus, finder fees, accumulated annual rentals and obligations to maintain any leases paid by Chevron before and after the Effective Date of this Agreement for each Lease listed on Exhibits "A" and "B." Exhibits "A" and "B" list the Land Costs paid by Chevron for each Lease prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement.
Land Cost means and includes:
Land Cost. = Square Feet x Per Square Foot Cost.
Land Cost being an amount equal to the sum of (A) Seventeen Dollars ($17.00) multiplied by the Rentable Area of the Premises (the "Base Land Cost") plus (B) an amount equal to the Base Land Cost multiplied by five percent (5%) multiplied by the number of full years and the fraction of a year between the April 7, 1998 and the Commencement Date.