Total Project Cost definition

Total Project Cost means all the funds to complete the effort proposed by the Applicant, including DOE funds (including direct funding of any FFRDC) plus all other funds that will be committed by the Applicant as Cost Sharing.
Total Project Cost means the lowest of the following:

Examples of Total Project Cost in a sentence

  • Indirect Costs TOTAL PROJECT COSTS Federal (RSAT) Funding Requested Non-Federal Amount (Local Cash and/or In-Kind Match) Total Project Cost Budget Detail and Budget Narrative Please provide detail regarding each budget category below, including how you calculated each cost.

  • Likewise, if The Client requires subscriptions to third parties like Compliance Depot or similar service providers, then any such fees or costs will be paid by The Client in addition to the Total Project Cost noted in this agreement.

  • Requested CLG Grant Amount (Line #4) can be no more than 70% of the Estimated Total Project Cost (total of Line #5).6.

  • Services Cost Justification Statewide network of CDFIs Technical assistance and resources to assist licensed child care operators Business training, workshops, technical assistance and coaching for licensed child care owners and directors Grant program for licensed child care facilities to support the renovation or repair Administrative cost capped at 5% Total Project Cost shall not exceed the total cost identified above.

  • The Prime Recipient’s cost share obligation is expressed in the Assistance agreement as a static amount in U.S. dollars (cost share amount) and as a percentage of the Total Project Cost (cost share percentage).

More Definitions of Total Project Cost

Total Project Cost means the sum of all costs associated with a water quality project, including costs that are not eligible for ECOLOGY grant or loan funding.
Total Project Cost means the cost of the project less financing and land acquisition costs.
Total Project Cost means the price payable to Service Provider over the entire period of Agreement (i.e. Rs. <in words>) for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations
Total Project Cost means the lowest of:
Total Project Cost means the capital cost incurred on construction and financing of the Project and shall be limited to the lowest of ;