Total Project Cost definition

Total Project Cost means all the funds to complete the effort proposed by the Applicant, including DOE funds (including direct funding of any FFRDC) plus all other funds that will be committed by the Applicant as Cost Sharing.
Total Project Cost means the lowest of the following:

Examples of Total Project Cost in a sentence

  • Grantee agrees to fund the difference between the actual Total Project Cost, as estimated Exhibit B, and the amount specified in Paragraph 4, if any.

  • Grantee is required to provide a Funding Match of 50% of the Total Project Cost.

  • Step 1: Award Amount ÷ % of Federal Share = Total Project Cost Step 2: Total Project Cost - Award Amount = Required MatchExample: A grant recipient is awarded $150,000 in federal funding.

More Definitions of Total Project Cost

Total Project Cost means the lowest of:
Total Project Cost means the sum of all costs associated with a water quality project, including costs that are not eligible for ECOLOGY grant or loan funding.
Total Project Cost means the cost of the project less financing and land acquisition costs.
Total Project Cost means the capital cost to be incurred by the Concessionaire towards implementing the Project.
Total Project Cost means the price payable to Service Provider over the entire period of Agreement (i.e. Rs. <in words>) for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations
Total Project Cost means the estimated cost to complete the entire Project, and includes any federal funds, state funds, local matching funds, and any other funds.
Total Project Cost means the capital cost incurred on construction and financing of the Project and shall be limited to the lowest of ;