Test Report definition

Test Report means a written report issued by The Sequoia Project that documents the outcomes of the Testing Process; that is, the Applicant’s compliance with the Specifications and Test Materials.
Test Report means a written document containing the results of a test process in respect of a Product, pursuant to the application of a Standard.
Test Report means the report produced by NCC Group detailing the results of the Verification Services.

Examples of Test Report in a sentence

  • Record the test results on SFN 60844 Traffic Signal Loop Detector Test Report and submit the form to the Engineer.

  • Upon acceptance by the System Owner, the Contractor, in coordination with the System Owner, shall test the Contingency Plan and prepare a Contingency Plan Test Report that includes the test results, lessons learned and any action items that need to be addressed.

  • The Final Test Report will be released to the public domain after review and acceptance by the COTR.

  • Type Test Report as per relevant IS for items to be registered not older than 7 Years.

  • The Certificate of Conformity and the Acceptance Test Report will be signed by the Seller’s QA representative alone and such documents bearing the sole signature of the Seller’s QA representative shall have the same value and effect as if they have been signed by both the parties.

More Definitions of Test Report

Test Report means a report submitted to the TSO on behalf of the Providing Unit which assesses its compliance with the requirements for providing a particular DS3 System Service;
Test Report means the report issued by an issuing authority containing the result of the test in accordance with NCT Regulations.
Test Report means the report prepared by Xxxx that describes the outcome of a Proficiency Test.
Test Report means a seed testing laboratory report made on a private sample and on official seed sample;
Test Report means a document issued by an accredited testing facility and conforming to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.2005.
Test Report means the Performance Test Report or the Annual NDC Test Report (as applicable);
Test Report means a document in a form acceptable to the Director in which the results of a test of backflow preventers on a premise are set out;