Complete application definition

Complete application means a document prepared in
Complete application means that the application contains all the information necessary for processing the application and the provisions of § 10.1-1321.1 of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law have been met. Designating an application complete for purposes of permit processing does not preclude the board from requesting or accepting additional information.
Complete application means a written submission in which all requested information is provided, that is signed by the Customer and notarized, and is accompanied by all other information and documentation required by the Commissioner. If an application is incomplete, program eligibility will be evaluated based on criteria in effect as of the date the customer submits a Complete Application.

Examples of Complete application in a sentence

  • Complete Application for Preliminary Approval and pay fees at time of notification to Planning Commission.

  • A Complete Application Includes:Completed application, U.S.$55application fee, college transcript(s), letters of recommendation, officialstandardized test scores, statement of purpose, résumé, and the PIIRF(if you need an F-1 or J-1 visa).

  • Complete Application: An application shall be considered complete upon submission of the required fee and all information required by these regulations, or by a vote of the Project Review Board to waive the submission of required information.

  • Step 2: Complete Application FormAnswer all questions on the form.

  • October 1 - December 31 ITA Deadline - First Monday of AprilCommission Review Date - Second Commission meeting in April Complete Application 60 days in advance of the event ii.

More Definitions of Complete application

Complete application means an application that provides all information described in 40 CFR 70.5(c) and such other information that is necessary to determine compliance with all applicable federal and State requirements.
Complete application means an application on an approved YRP form with all of the requested information completed in full.
Complete application means an application submitted to NJHMFA, including the application fee, completed application forms and certifications, and all eligibility requirements.
Complete application means an application that meets the requirements set out in the building code for applications where the chief building official is required to make a decision within a prescribed time period, and further that meets the requirements set out in Section 4 and Schedule B of this By-law;
Complete application means an application that includes all of the information required in Rules 7, 8, and 10.
Complete application means an application for the issuance of a permit, permit renewal or revision to a permit, or for a transfer, assignment or sale of permit rights for coal mining and reclamation operations which contains all the information required under Chapter 1513. of the Revised Code and these rules and necessary to initiate processing and public review.
Complete application means, with respect to an Application, the submission of all documents and materials in such detail as is required under the DDA and this DRDAP for such Application.