Application submitted definition

Application submitted means an application submittal that has been determined complete by the jurisdiction.
Application submitted means an application for new housing units that was submitted (and deemed complete) in 2018.
Application submitted means a submission containing such information necessary for the locality to determine whether the development complies with the criteria outlined in Article IV of the Streamlined Ministerial Approval Process Guidelines. This may include a checklist or other application documents generated by the local government pursuant to Section 300(a) that specifies in detail the information required to be included in an application, provided that the information is not information that the locality regularly requires of applicants for discretionary permits, but does not regularly require of applicants for ministerial permits.

Examples of Application submitted in a sentence

  • By signing below, you further agree that you have been truthful in responding to everything on this Agreement and on the Application submitted with it and that copies of all documents submitted to MHC are true copies of genuine documents that do not contain false statements.

  • If the Research Application provided by the Requesting Organization contains proprietary information, a statement to that effect must be included in the Research Application submitted to CMS.

  • In the event of breach of any term of this Agreement by the Applicant or Owner, including but not limited to the failure to make additional deposits when required by the City, the City may cease processing any Application submitted by the Applicant or Owner or order the Applicant to cease any further action or progress under the terms of this Agreement or both.

  • The term of this lease shall be as set forth on the Application submitted by Xxxxxx and as approved and accepted by CAA.

  • The EAA will promptly notify the Program Manager and Implementing Committee if the EAA Board is unable to grant final approval during any year to a proposed Annual Program Budge,t or any Program Funding Application submitted or proposed to be submitted by a Party as provided in Article Six, because funds available for the Program are or are likely to be insufficient.

Related to Application submitted

  • Application Form means any application form to be completed by subscribers for Shares as prescribed by the Company from time to time.

  • Application packet means the information, documents, and fees required by the Department for the:

  • Bid Application Form means the form as specified in Annexure II of this E-Auction Process Information Document;

  • Access Application means an application for Access Rights as described in section 3.7;