Project Application definition

Project Application means an application submitted to a program to demonstrate that a proposed project qualifies for C-PACER financing and for a C-PACER lien.
Project Application means the federal Section 5311 operating assistance project application submitted by the Municipal Corporation to, and as approved by the Commissioner for the Project described in Appendix C of this Agreement, including all project supporting information submitted therewith.
Project Application means the approved application, submitted by the Municipality to the MEC, a copy of which is attached hereto as Annexure A.

Examples of Project Application in a sentence

  • PURPOSE AND BACKGROUNDCouncil has received a Community Grants Program Small Project application from the Southern Aurora Memorial Committee, under the auspice of Violet Town Action Group, to assist with restoration of the memorial garden in preparation for a planned event in March for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the railway coming to Violet Town.

More Definitions of Project Application

Project Application means an entire set of required and requested documents as prescribed in this QAP and submitted by a Sponsor to the Authority.
Project Application the research (and development) project submitted to Hartstichting in the Application form [project title] providing a list of the Participants, a summary of the Project and details on the start date and duration of the Project. The Project Application is attached to this Grant Agreement as Annex 1;
Project Application means the research (and development) project submitted to Stichting LSH-TKI in the TKI-LSH match application form;
Project Application means the written application made by a local agency to the director for state financial assistance, which shall include all damage to public real property that resulted from a disaster within the total jurisdiction of the local agency making application and other activities and expenses as allowed in Section 8685.
Project Application. A set of Eligible Energy Efficiency Measures proposed for installation and payment of incentives.
Project Application means the research (and development) project submitted to IXA Office AMC in the Amsterdam UMC-PPP application form (that is based on the TKI-LSH match application form), as attached to this Consortium Agreement as Annex 1;
Project Application means an application submitted to a