Commercial Event definition

Commercial Event means an event taking place on premises with the purpose of promoting the sale of a product or service;
Commercial Event means a scheduled function of a public nature including, but not limited to arts and crafts shows, antique shows, concerts and theatrical and other performances where fees are charged to vendors or members of the public for participation and/or admission.
Commercial Event means any event primarily seeks to promote, advertise, or introduce a product, service, brand or company to the public. It may or may not involve any sales or sampling activities. This definition applies even if ticket proceeds are donated to a charity, if the brand has a dominating role in the event.

Examples of Commercial Event in a sentence

  • A Commercial Event permit applicant shall provide verification of IRS non-profit status or recognition in a form specified by the Director.

  • No Commercial Event, Non-Commercial Event or Activity shall be conducted on the Courthouse Park without a written Park Use Permit issued by the Director or designee.

  • A Commercial Event Sponsor shall have been approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service for Section 501(c) non-profit status or shall have been otherwise recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization.

  • A Park Use Permit application in the form specified by Yavapai County or its designee shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance for any proposed Activity, Commercial Event or Non-Commercial Event as defined in the Ordinance, and shall be submitted not less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

More Definitions of Commercial Event

Commercial Event means an event organized by a business for a for-profit purpose and an event organized by a political organization, and includes commercial filming;
Commercial Event means an event for which an entrance fee, other than a statutory fee, is charged;
Commercial Event means any public or private event or gathering that:
Commercial Event means temporary sales, programs, or special events conducted by a commercial business, which may include sidewalk sales, grand openings, holiday specials, and similar commercial activities conducted outside of their normal course of business operation. Delete SECTION 15.2 RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTSThe following Special Events may be conducted in residential districts: Sub-Section 15.2.1 RESIDENTIAL EVENTSResidential Events conforming to the provisions of Section 15.1.B shall be permitted on a residential lot. Such events shall not require a Zoning Permit. Delete section reference. Sub-Section 15.2.2 COMMUNITY EVENTSCommunity Events conforming to the provisions of Section 15.1.C shall be permitted provided that they first obtain a Zoning Permit from the Township Zoning Inspector. Delete section reference. SECTION 15.3 BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL DISTRICTSThe following temporary sales and special events may be permitted in business and industrial districts. Sub-Section 15.3.1 COMMUNITY EVENTSCommunity Events conforming to the provisions of Section 15.1.C shall be permitted provided that they first obtain a Zoning Permit from the Township Zoning Inspector. Delete section reference. Sub-Section 15.3.2 COMMERCIAL EVENTSCommercial Events conforming to the provisions of Section 15.1.D may be permitted subject to the following criteria: Delete section reference. A. Commercial Events that extend for not more than three (3) calendar days may be permitted provided that a Zoning Permit is first obtained from the Township Zoning Inspector. A maximum of three (3) such Commercial Events shall be permitted for any commercial operation or property in any calendar year.B. Commercial Events that exceed a maximum of three (3) calendar days in duration shall require a Conditional Use Certificate approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 7 – Conditional Use Certificate of this Zoning Resolution. SECTION 15.4 COMMUNITY EVENTS ON PUBLIC PROPERTYA Community Event may be conducted on publicly owned property, provided that the application for the event includes written consent from the property owner authorizing the Community Event to be conducted on the property as proposed. Community Events shall not be conducted within a public street right-of-way, unless written authorization from the Township Board of Trustees in addition to applicable County and/or State authorization to utilize the public right-of-way is obtained. SECTION 15.5 PERMIT PROCEDURES FOR ...
Commercial Event means a large event, more than 300 people, held by for-profit organizations which are open to public participation (fee or free) and may include, but are not limited to- a fair, festival, exhibition, carnival centered around music, art, culture, food, car/truck/vehicle, etc. A donation to a nonprofit does not constitute the event being a noncommercial event.
Commercial Event means a special event held where a fee is charged for attendance or that is held for the purpose of business or otherwise for profit or gain;
Commercial Event means an event or gathering of people, or the marketing or advertising thereof, where a fee is charged in exchange for allowing an event or gathering on the property.