Nodal Officer definition

Nodal Officer means the Dy.Chief Engineer or Superintending Engineer an officer appointed by the Chief Engineer in writing who shall direct and supervise and to perform the duties set forth in sub - Clause 3.2 hereof and be in-charge of the works.
Nodal Officer means an officer of the Company nominated by the Board to receive protected disclosures from whistle blowers, maintaining records thereof, placing the same before the Audit Committee for its disposal and informing the whistle blower the result thereof.
Nodal Officer means the officer(s) of the appropriate rank, nominated by Authority as executive in-charge of the Project, from time to time;

Examples of Nodal Officer in a sentence

  • If at any time after issuance of the LOA, the Owner decides to abandon or reduce the scope of the work for any reason, whatsoever, the Owner, through the Nodal Officer, shall give a ninety (90) day notice in writing to that effect to the Agency, referring to this clause.

  • Copy of the order/starting penal measures should invariably be communicated to the Nodal Officer, e-Governance Cell of the Department with a request for uploading the order in the Departmental website in the link “List of suspended/debarred contractors”.

  • After being relieved from the additional charges he has to surrender the additional DSCs to the Nodal Officer of the concerned organisation.

  • The Agency shall however make its best efforts to prevent the delay by putting its endeavors constantly as may be reasonably required of it to the satisfaction of the Owner/ Nodal Officer.

  • The Nodal Officer shall consider the reasonableness or otherwise of the extension of time after discussion with all Parties.

More Definitions of Nodal Officer

Nodal Officer means Superintending Engineer (Solar cell), UGVCL, Mehsana
Nodal Officer means Superintending Engineer (RA&C), JDVVNL, Jodhpur
Nodal Officer means the officer appointed or designated by a distributor of television channels under sub-regulation (1) of regulation 28.
Nodal Officer means the officer appointed or designated by the multi-system operator or his linked local cable operator, as the case may be, under the Consumer Complaint Redressal Regulation;
Nodal Officer means any officer not below the rank of Conservator of Forests, authorized by the State Government to deal with matters relating to diversion of forest land under the Act;
Nodal Officer means the officer nominated by BSNL in writing to act as coordinator for the purpose of this work.
Nodal Officer means the Compliance officer of the Company, who shall be responsible to receive and refer all Protected Disclosures to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, and under his instruction preserve and protect in secrecy and strict confidence, all records and documentation relating to the investigations undertaken, findings of the investigations, corrective action taken and reported and related matters. Nodal Officer shall be the convener of the Whistle Blower Committee.