Development and Marketing Sample Clauses

Development and Marketing. It is understood that no school employee will engage in the development or marketing of works during school district time, which do not benefit the school district. It is also understood that school district resources, including equipment, supplies, and facilities, will not be used for personal gain or marketing of a work.
Development and Marketing. 6-1 INSMED shall use reasonable commercial efforts to develop and market LICENSED PRODUCT for the INDICATIONS in the TERRITORY and, upon the request of FUJISAWA, shall promptly provide written information as to its development and commercial activities in that respect in the TERRITORY. FUJISAWA shall maintain such information in confidence to the extent it is and remains not publicly available and to the extent it is not required to be disclosed by law or in pursuance of any dispute resolution proceedings under Article 10-4 hereof.
Development and Marketing. The General Partner hereby is specifically authorized to enter into a Management Agreement which shall incorporate such terms and conditions as are more fully set forth in the Memorandum. 6.2
Development and Marketing. 6.1 The Company shall not name Kite or any of its Affiliates (for the sole purpose of this Article 6.1, excluding the Company) as an entity responsible for any clinical trial for any Licensed Product in the Territory nor state or otherwise imply in any regulatory filing or other documentation relating to any clinical trial of any Licensed Product in the Territory (including, without limitation, any informed consent document) that Kite or any of its Affiliates has any responsibility or liability in connection with the conduct of such clinical trial, except for as required by any Governmental Authority.
Development and Marketing. 3.1. In consideration of the rights granted to Memory under this Agreement, Memory shall use commercially reasonable efforts (i) to develop (through research, development, marketing and/or sublicensing activities, either alone or in collaboration with Third Parties) Finished [*] CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT IS REQUESTED Products, and (ii) to register and market (either alone and/or in collaboration with Third Parties) Finished Products in the United States, Japan and in four countries of the European Union which Memory shall select from the group consisting of Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.
Development and Marketing. Each of the Development Incentive Agreement dated September 27, 1990, as amended by Amendment No. 1 thereto, and the Marketing Agreement for Cooperative Software Marketing Programs, Agreement Number CS-S-004, dated March 15, 1991, shall continue to be in full force and effect and there shall not have occurred any default by the Company under either such agreement.
Development and Marketing. 14.1 Fourth Shift will employ all MDBS Runtime Code which Fourth Shift believes in its reasonable business judgment to be beneficial to the development and performance of its MDBS-content Fourth Shift Applications.
Development and Marketing. Assist SSC officials with information and developments related to Consumer Directed Health Plans. This assistance shall include:
Development and Marketing. Cost – means cost incurred by the CONTRACTOR for Development and Marketing Operations.