Credit Limit Sample Clauses

Credit Limit. 1. The Allocation Platform shall calculate and continuously update the Credit Limit of each Registered Participant in respect of each subsequent Auction. The Credit Limit shall be equal to the amount of the collaterals in place minus any outstanding payment obligations. In case of a Bank Guarantee such Bank Guarantee shall be only considered if the requirements in Article 20 related to its validity for the respective Auction are fulfilled. The Allocation Platform shall make this information available to each Registered Participant individually through the Auction Tool.
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Credit Limit. We may establish a credit limit as part of this Agreement, which You promise not to exceed. If You exceed the credit limit, You promise to repay immediately the amount which exceeds the credit limit, including amounts due to finance charges, fees or other charges. You may request a credit limit increase on Your Account only by a method acceptable to the Credit Union. We may increase or decrease Your credit limit, refuse to make an advance and/or terminate Your Account at any time for any reason permitted by law.
Credit Limit. 6.1 Maybank shall at its sole discretion specify the Cardmember’s Credit Limit with Maybank for the purposes of this Agreement.
Credit Limit. We will at our discretion and in compliance with applicable law, decide and inform you of the credit limit applicable to your account which is the maximum amount which can be outstanding at any time on your account (including use by any supplementary cardmembers). The credit limit and the amount of credit available on the account as of the closing date of your statement will be shown on your statement. You agree to manage your account so that the outstanding balance on your account does not exceed the credit limit. However, we may approve charges that result in your balance exceeding your credit limit. This does not constitute an increase in your credit limit. If your balance exceeds your credit limit, an overlimit fee is payable as set out in the information box and disclosure statement (except for Quebec residents) and, if requested, you must immediately pay to us all amounts that exceed the credit limit. Changes by you: You may request, and we may agree, in our discretion and subject to you providing the information we request, to increase your limit at any time. You may request and we may agree to reduce your credit limit.
Credit Limit. We will notify you of your Credit Limit for each Credit Card account you have with us, which is the total amount of credit we agree to extend to you at any one time. Your Credit Limit will also include a separate limit for Cash Advances. Your Credit Limit and Cash Advance limit are listed on your monthly periodic statement. Your available Credit Limit is the amount of your total Credit Limit minus the sum of your New Balance, any authorized Purchases, Cash Advances and Balance Transfers that have not posted to your Account, and any payments that have not cleared. You may apply to increase your Credit Limit, and we reserve the right to lower it without prior notice to you. You agree that you will not let your total charges, including Purchases, Cash Advances, FINANCE CHARGES (including but not limited to interest, Foreign Transaction Fees, Cash Advance, Balance Transfer and Convenience Check Transaction Fees), late charges, membership fees, and other fees that may be due, exceed your Credit Limit. If you exceed your Credit Limit, you will be considered to have exceeded your Credit Limit for all purposes of the Agreement, and we may reduce the available Credit Limit any other Credit Card account you have with us until such time as the excess amount is paid. You are responsible for keeping track of your New Balance and your available Credit Limit. We may but are not required to approve transactions above your Credit Limit up to a certain percentage of your Credit Limit which we establish from time to time for you based on our established evaluation criteria. If we do approve those transactions, those transactions will not increase your Credit Limit. You are responsible for repaying all over-limit amounts and FINANCE CHARGES will be assessed on those amounts. For security reasons, we may limit the number or amount of Purchase, Cash Advance and/or Convenience Check transactions that may be accomplished with your Card or Credit Card account. We may also limit authorizations to make Purchases or obtain Cash Advances if we consider it necessary to verify collection of Payments received on your Credit Card account.
Credit Limit. 18.1 Allowing credit limit to the card account implies the rights to be granted to the owner of the plastic card for utilization of credit resources within the amount defined by the credit limit.
Credit Limit. (Section 1.1): An amount not to exceed the lesser of (A) or (B), below:
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Credit Limit. (Section 1.1): An amount not to exceed the lesser of. (i) $10,000,000 at any one time outstanding (the "Maximum Credit Limit"); or (ii) 75% of the amount of Borrower's Eligible Receivables (as defined in Section 8 above).
Credit Limit. The following criteria constitute the Company’s creditworthiness requirements for the DS Supplier to cover the Total Exposure Amount. In all instances, the most current senior unsecured debt rating (or, if unavailable, the most current corporate issuer rating) will be used.
Credit Limit. 16.1 Granting the credit limit on the card account shall be deemed as granting the client the right to use the credit sources within the established limits.
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