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  • The Business Risk and Controls Committee (BRCC) has the overall responsibility for ensuring that an appropriate and robust risk management framework is in place to monitor and manage operational risk.

  • The BRCC follows the board cycle and convenes on a quarterly basis.

  • The Momentum Metropolitan Board Risk Capital and Compliance Committee (BRCC) is a sub-committee of the Board that is accountable to address and manage the risk of data privacy and cyber security.

  • The Momentum Metropolitan Group Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is the business representative on BRCC for data privacy, data security and cyber security.

  • The Office of the VCASA coordinates the incorporation of approved curriculum actions into the BRCC Catalog.

  • BRCC will not be responsible for the security of this equipment or stored items.

  • In the event that Recipient ceases to be employed by BRCC for any reason, then Recipient shall immediately forfeit, without any further action by the Company, Recipient or any other Person, any Unvested Restricted Units for no consideration.

  • The proposed action will be submitted to LCTCS following approval by BRCC.

  • BRCC does not warrant that this service will be uninterrupted, error-free, or free of viruses or other harmful components.

  • Institutional errors by BRCC personnel that cause the delay of administrative processes relative to registration or withdrawal.

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BRCC means the Boundary Resource Coordinating Committee established pursuant to Section 8.1 of this Agreement.

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  • CEC means the California Energy Commission or its successor agency.

  • ECC means the amount calculated by Contractor for the total cost of all elements of the Work based on this Agreement available at the time(s) that the ECC is prepared. The ECC shall be based on current market rates with reasonable allowance for overhead, profit and price escalation and shall include and consider, without limitation, all alternates and contingencies, designed and specified by A/E and the cost of labor and materials necessary for installation of Owner furnished equipment. The ECC shall include all the cost elements included in the AACC, as defined above, and shall represent Contractor’s best current estimate of the Guaranteed Maximum Price it will propose for the Project based on the information then available. The ECC shall not include Contractor’s Pre-Construction Phase Fee, A/E’s Fees, the cost of the land and rights-of-way, or any other costs that are the direct responsibility of Owner.

  • Newco has the meaning set forth in the first paragraph of this Agreement.

  • MOC means the Ministry of Coal, Government of India.