Founding Companies definition

Founding Companies has the meaning set forth in the third recital of this Agreement.
Founding Companies has the meaning specified in the Preliminary Statement of this Agreement.
Founding Companies means, collectively:

Examples of Founding Companies in a sentence

  • The escrow shall consist solely of shares of RW Common Stock that shall be issued at the Effective Time to the Stockholders of the Founding Companies and delivered, at the Closing, to the Escrow Agent.

  • The Stockholders recognize and acknowledge that they had in the past, currently have, and in the future may possibly have, access to certain confidential information of the Company, the Other Founding Companies, and/or TCI, such as operational policies, and pricing and cost policies that are valuable, special and unique assets of the Company's, the Other Founding Companies' and/or TCI's respective businesses ("Confidential Information").

  • Each Stockholder further agrees that in the event the transactions contemplated herein are not consummated (i) neither the Company nor any Stockholder can thereafter use any Confidential Information of the Other Founding Companies for any purpose and (ii) upon written request of any Other Founding Company to the Company, the Company and Stockholders will return all Confidential Information pertaining to such Other Founding Company to such Other Founding Company.

  • In the event that the Company seeks to amend or supplement a Schedule pursuant to this Section 7.8, and TCI and a majority of the Other Founding Companies do not consent to such amendment or supplement, this Agreement shall be deemed terminated by mutual consent as set forth in Section 12.1(i) hereof.

  • In addition, TCI will cause each of the Other Founding Companies to enter into a provision similar to this Section 7.1.

More Definitions of Founding Companies

Founding Companies has the meaning set forth in the first recital of this Agreement.
Founding Companies means: Ace Electric, Inc., a Georgia corporation; Amber Electric, Inc., a Florida corporation; Danixx Xxxctrical Contractors, Inc., a Florida corporation, and Danixx Electrical of Treasure Coast, Inc., a Florida corporation; Hatfxxxx Xxxctric, Inc., an Arizona corporation; Haymxxxx Xxxctric, Ltd., an Alabama limited partnership; Housxxx-Xxxxxxxx Xxxctric, Inc., a Texas corporation; Millx Xxxctrical Contractors, Inc., a Texas corporation; Muth Xxxctric, Inc., a South Dakota corporation; Pollxxx Xxxctric Inc., a Texas corporation; Thomxx Xxxx & Xompany, an Ohio corporation; Reynxxxx Xxxctric Corp., an Arizona corporation; Rodgxxx Xxxctric Company, Inc., a Washington corporation; Starx Xxxestments, Inc., a Texas corporation; Summit Electric of Texas, Incorporated, a Texas corporation; and Thurxxx & X'Coxxxxx Xxxporation, a Kentucky corporation;
Founding Companies has the meaning set forth in Section 9.1(ii).
Founding Companies means: Alatec Products, Inc., a California corporation; AXS Solutions, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Capitol Bolt & Supply, Inc., a Texas corporation; Maumee Industries, Inc., an Indiana corporation; and Sales Systems, Limited, a Pennsylvania corporation.
Founding Companies means the following companies: Chrixxxxxxxx Xxxerprises, Inc., a Texas corporation; Chrixxxxxxxx Xxxvices, Inc., a Texas corporation; GGR Leasing Corporation, a Texas corporation; J.A. Xxxxxx Xxxpany of Florida, a Florida corporation; J.A. Xxxxxx Xxxpany, an Ohio corporation; Franklin Fire Sprinkler Company, an Ohio corporation; Keitx Xxxxx Xxxmbing, Inc., an Arizona corporation; Millxx Xxxhanical Contractors, Inc., a Georgia corporation; Nelsxx Xxxhanical Contractors, Inc., a Florida corporation; Power Plumbing Inc., a Delaware corporation; R.C.R. Plumbing, Inc., a California corporation; Sherwood Mechanical, Inc., a California corporation; and Teepx'x Xxxer City Mechanical, Inc., an Ohio corporation.
Founding Companies means: Cooper's Mobile Homes, Inc., a Washington corporation, Home USA, Xxx., a Washington corporation, and Pac West Mgmt., Inc., a Washington corporation. CSF&T, Inc. (dba AAA Homes), a Mississippi corporation, AAA Homes, L.L.C., a Louisiana limited liability company, and Fordham Insurance Agency, Inc., a Mississippi corporation. First American Homes, Inc., an Alabama corporation, D & S, Inc., an Alabama corporation, and Son Development Corporation, an Alabama corporation. Home Folks Housing Center, Inc., a Kentucky corporation. McDonald Homes, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation. Mobile Woxxx, Xxx., a Texas corporation, and Showcase of Homes, Inc., a Texas corporation. Patrick Home Center, Inc., a Mississippi corporation. Unxxxxxxx Housing, Inc., a Tennessee corporation, Shaffer & Webb Insurance Agency, Inc., a Tennessee corporation, xxx Xxivexxxx Housing of East TN, Inc., a Tennessee corporation. Willmax Homes of Colorado LLC, a Colorado limited liability company.
Founding Companies means: Accurate Air Systems, Inc., a Texas corporation, Atlas Comfort Services USA, Inc., a Texas corporation (formerly Atlas Interest, Inc.), Contract Service, Inc., a Utah corporation, Eastern Heating & Cooling, Inc., a New York corporation, and Eastern Refrigeration Co., Inc., a New York corporation, Freeway Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., a Utah corporation, Quality Air Heating & Cooling, Inc., a Michigan corporation, Seasonair, Inc., a Maryland corporation, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Inc., an Alabama corporation, S.M. Lawrence Company, Inc., a Tennessee corporation, and Xxxrence Service, Inc., a Tennessee corporation, Tech Xxxxxxx and Air Conditioning, Inc., an Ohio corporation, and Tech Mechanical, Inc., an Ohio corporation, Tri-City Mechanical, Inc., an Arizona corporation, and Western Building Services, Inc., a Colorado corporation.