National Federation definition

National Federation means a legal entity recognized by AIBA as the governing body for the sport of boxing is its respective country;
National Federation means an AIBA Member Federation who is recognised by AIBA as legal entity who governs the sport of boxing in the AIBA Member Federation’s country;
National Federation means a national governing body of a code of sport or recreational activity in the Republic recognised by the relevant international controlling body as the only authority for the administration and control of the relative code of sport or recreational activity in the Republic;

Examples of National Federation in a sentence

  • In the past professionals would haveused these reports to quickly access or apply for other services such as educational placements or domiciliary care allowance.On a more positive note, however, the best-practiceguidelines—the result of a partnership project between the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies and the Health Services National Partnership Forum (HSNPF)—are an example of how things are getting better.

  • The defendants must not enforce or attempt to enforce § 481.223(1)(c) or the proviso in § 481.229(6)(a) against the plaintiffs Eva Locke, Patricia Anne Levenson, or Barbara Banderkolk Gardner, or against any person or entity who is now a member of the plaintiff National Federation of Independent Business.

  • Each wishes to market herself as an “interior designer.” The plaintiff National Federation of Independent Business is a national trade association and advocacy group with Florida members who at least arguably provide “interior design” services.The defendants are members of the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design, the agency with authority to enforce the statutes at issue.

  • Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not an Athlete in this rare situation continues in elite sport, involves both the Athlete and the respective National Federation.

  • Nagle, Chief of the Washington Office, National Federation of the Blind) (applauding anti-discrimination provision as a means for disabled people “to attain a normal, productive and fulfilling life”); id.

More Definitions of National Federation

National Federation means the national sporting organisation representing you in a particular sport in New Zealand.
National Federation means any Federation that is admitted into membership of AIBA by the Congress, hence becoming a member of AIBA;
National Federation means Triathlon Australia (TA).
National Federation. (also "NF") shall mean the FIVB member that is responsible for the running and organisation of all Volleyball activities in the TERRITORY.
National Federation means an affiliated national sport governing body for the sport of bodybuilding and fitness that has been duly recognized by the IFBB based on one National Federation per country.
National Federation means a national entity legally constituted, recognised and authorised by the relevant sport and public authorities of their defined country and/or territory as the sole national body with primary authority to administer and govern all forms of Volleyball within this defined country and/or territory; structured, organised according to the spirit and provisions of the FIVB Constitution and affiliated to the FIVB and the CEV.
National Federation means a national governing body of a code of sport [or recreational activity] in the Republic with affiliate membersof not less than five provinces recognised by—