Shareholder Group definition

Shareholder Group means Parent, the Shareholder, any Affiliate of the Shareholder and any Person with whom any Shareholder or any Affiliate of any Shareholder is part of a 13D Group.
Shareholder Group means Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Incorporated, its Affiliates and their respective employees, officers and directors."

Examples of Shareholder Group in a sentence

  • Each Shareholder shall have the right to transfer, by written agreement, any or all of its rights granted under this Agreement to any direct or indirect transferee of such Shareholder’s Shares; provided that (i) the transferee is a Shareholder Affiliate of such Transferring Shareholder or a member of a different Shareholder Group or (ii) the Company shall have provided its written consent prior to such transfer of rights.

  • Each Shareholder agrees that each such proxy, power of attorney, and agency described in Section 3.1(a), was coupled with an interest and was therefore irrevocable without the consent of the Shareholder Representative and shall have survived the death, incapacity, or bankruptcy of such Shareholder (and was binding against such Shareholder’s transferees (to the extent such transferees were members of the same Shareholder Group or agreed to be bound by the Prior Agreement), heirs, successors and assigns).

More Definitions of Shareholder Group

Shareholder Group means the group of people: (i) bound by voting contracts or agreements of any kind, either directly or through subsidiaries, parent companies or under common control; or (ii) among which there is a control relationship; or (iii) under common control.
Shareholder Group means the Shareholder, any Shareholder Affiliate, any Permitted Significant Transferee and any Person with whom the Shareholder, any Shareholder Affiliate or any Permitted Significant Transferee is part of a 13D Group in respect of Voting Securities.
Shareholder Group means (i) Shareholder and (ii) any Affiliate or Shareholder Family Entity (as defined in the Shareholder's Agreement) of Shareholder (other than the Company).
Shareholder Group means Shareholder and its Affiliates.
Shareholder Group means the Shareholder and any Subsidiary or Affiliate of the Shareholder.