Roofing services definition

Roofing services means the construction, installation,
Roofing services means the installation,
Roofing services means the installation, renovation, repair, maintenance, alteration, or waterproofing of any roof, gutter, downspout, or siding product with regard to a

Examples of Roofing services in a sentence

  • Shall entitle the holder to perform Roofing services for all occupancies.

  • Award of Contract #21688-3-4 to Eagle Rivet Roof for On Call Roofing services, from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, in an amount not to exceed $150,000.00 presented by Mr. Barbarotta Funding Source: 2022-2023 Capital Projects Acct.

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Roofing services means performing or offering to
Roofing services means the installation, renovation, 42
Roofing services means the installation, construction, maintenance, repair, alteration, or modification of a roofing product for a commercial or

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  • Hosting Services means the Service of maintaining on NeoSystems’ computing servers certain hosted applications as specified in an Agreement, and making such hosted applications available to Client via network access, together with any hosting support Services, as set forth in an Agreement.

  • Training Services means: student attraction activities including marketing and advertising in relation to any training within the Training Provider's Funded Scope; the provision of information about course offerings, fees, support and the impact on an individual’s Entitlement to Funded Training; conduct of the Pre-Training Review; testing any individual’s eligibility for training subsidised through the Skills First Program and any relevant concession or exemption/waiver on tuition fees; enrolment of individuals into a course or qualification, including undertaking any enrolment processes required under this VET Funding Contract; development and documentation of a Training Plan; levying fees, including any concessions, exemptions or waivers; delivering training and assessment that is suitable and appropriate to each Eligible Individual; collecting and maintaining evidence relating to (a) to (h) above, as required under this VET Funding Contract; reporting data and other information to the Department as required under this VET Funding Contract; and any other matters that reasonably relate to the conduct of the activities set out in paragraphs (a) to (j).

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  • Monitoring Services shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2(b) of this Agreement.

  • Processing Services means those services, which are necessary to issue a Card and process a transaction in accordance with Government Requirements and the Rules of any System and Regulatory Authority. Such services shall include but not be limited to: set-up and maintenance of the Card and Cardholder Funds, transaction authorization, processing, clearing and Settlement, System access, Cardholder dispute resolution, System compliance, regulatory compliance, security and fraud control, and activity reporting.

  • BPO Services means Provider’s business process outsourcing services described in the applicable Solution Exhibit, whereby Provider assumes responsibility for Customers’ business processes.

  • Nursing services means the provision of individual-specific advice, plans, or interventions by a nurse at a home based on the nursing process as outlined by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Nursing services differ from administrative nursing services.

  • Installation Services means all those services ancillary to the supply of the Plant and Equipment for the Facilities, to be provided by the Contractor under the Contract; e.g., transportation and provision of marine or other similar insurance, inspection, expediting, site preparation works (including the provision and use of Contractor’s Equipment and the supply of all construction materials required), installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, operations, maintenance, the provision of operations and maintenance manuals, training, etc.

  • Passenger Services means the Franchisee's railway passenger services as specified in any Timetable and/or Plan of the Day including those railway passenger services which the Franchisee may delegate or subcontract or otherwise secure through any other person from time to time in accordance with the Franchise Agreement;

  • Counseling services means services provided by qualified social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, or other qualified personnel.

  • Construction Services means either of the following for construction-manager-at-risk, design-build and job-order-contracting project delivery methods:

  • Respite services means services provided to individuals who are unable to care for themselves, furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those unpaid persons normally providing the care.

  • Design Services means architect services, engineer services or landscape architect services.

  • janitorial services means those cleaning and caretaking services

  • Satellite services means communications capabilities that utilize an on-orbit satellite for transmitting the signal from one location to another.

  • Cemetery services means cremations, grave openings and closings, and installation of grave memorials.

  • Education Services means activities that increase awareness and understanding of the causes and nature of conditions or factors which affect an individual’s development and functioning.

  • Extra Services means those services set forth in Schedule “B” that are requested by the Municipality for itself or on behalf of its citizens and provided by the Company in accordance with paragraph 7 of this Agreement;

  • Support Services means support in relation to the use of, and the identification and resolution of errors in, the Hosted Services, but shall not include the provision of training services;

  • Beta Services means SFDC services or functionality that may be made available to Customer to try at its option at no additional charge which is clearly designated as beta, pilot, limited release, developer preview, non-production, evaluation, or by a similar description.

  • Hospice services means palliative and supportive care and other services provided by an interdisciplinary team under the direction of an identifiable hospice administration to terminally ill hospice patients and their families to meet the physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, and special needs experienced during the final stages of illness, dying, and bereavement, as defined in Minnesota Statutes, § 144A.75, subd. 8, and includes the set of services as determined by the Medicare program under §1861(dd) of the Social Security Act and defined in 42 CFR § 418.3.

  • Auditing Services means those services within the scope of the practice of a certified public accounting firm licensed under Chapter 473 of the Florida Statutes, and qualified to conduct audits in accordance with government auditing standards as adopted by the Florida Board of Accountancy.

  • Technical Services means all services that are necessary to carry out individual, scattered site activities including but not limited to: (1) conducting initial inspections, (2) work write-up or project specification development, (3) cost estimate preparation, (4) construction supervision associated with activities that do not require an architect or engineer, (5) lead hazard reduction or lead abatement need determination and oversight, (6) lead hazard reduction or abatement carrying costs, (7) temporary relocation coordination, (8) financing costs such as security agreement preparation and recording or filing fees, (9) processing of individual applications for assistance, (10) income eligibility determination and verification, (11) value determination (new construction) or after rehabilitation value determination (existing structures), and (12) project-specific environmental clearance processes.

  • Independent living services means services and activities provided to a child in foster care 14 years of age or older who was committed or entrusted to a local board of social services, child welfare agency, or private child-placing agency. "Independent living services" may also mean services and activities provided to a person who (i) was in foster care on his 18th birthday and has not yet reached the age of 21 years; (ii) is between the ages of 18 and 21 and who, immediately prior to his commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice, was in the custody of a local board of social services; or (iii) is a child at least 16 years of age or a person between the ages of 18 and 21 who was committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice immediately prior to placement in an independent living arrangement. Such services shall include counseling, education, housing, employment, and money management skills development, access to essential documents, and other appropriate services to help children or persons prepare for self-sufficiency.

  • Special Services means all forms of services pertaining