Definition of PRC Companies

PRC Companies means PRC Subsidiary and PRC Operating Entity, and "PRC Company" means any of them;

PRC Companies means WFOE, Hengchang, Hengjiu, the Hengchang Subsidiaries and the Hengjiu Subsidiaries.

PRC Companies means Linyi Guangsha Wood Industry Co. Ltd. and Linyi Chan Tseng Wood Co., Ltd., both organized under the laws of the PRC.

Examples of PRC Companies in a sentence

The Financial Statements are complete and correct in all material respects and present fairly the financial condition and position of the Company and the PRC Companies as of their respective dates, in each case except as disclosed therein and except for the absence of notes.
The Founder has delivered to the Investor on or before the Closing a business plan and budget for the PRC Companies for the twelve (12) months following the Closing.
Each of the Company and the PRC Companies has all requisite legal and corporate power, and has taken all corporate action necessary, for each to properly and legally authorize, execute and deliver this Agreement and each of the Transaction Documents to which it is a party, and to carry out its respective obligations hereunder and thereunder.
To the best knowledge of the Company, the PRC Companies and the Founder, there is no investigation pending or threatened against any member of the Company Group, and there is no action, suit, proceeding or investigation pending or threatened against any Senior Manager of any member of the Company Group in connection with their respective relationship with such Person, as the case may be.
The business of each Group Company (other than the PRC Companies) shall be restricted to the holding, management and disposition of equity interest in its operating subsidiaries.

More definitions of PRC Companies

PRC Companies means the WFOE and Xi'an Baorun.

PRC Companies means Qiqihar Fuer Agronomy, Co., Ltd., and Qiqihar Deli Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

PRC Companies means AGM Shenzhen, AGM Beijing and AGM Nanjing collectively;

PRC Companies means the PRC Subsidiary, E-Sun Network, E-Sun Sky, Youlanguang Technology, Guangtiandi Technology and Tongfu Technology;

PRC Companies means WFOE and Fuer.