Parents definition

Parents means parents or guardians;
Parents means the Parents referred to in the Application Form. Residential Caregiver means the person responsible for the Student at the Accommodation. Residential Caregiver Agreement means an agreement between the School and the Residential Caregiver.
Parents means parents or guardians.

Examples of Parents in a sentence

  • Parents of the missing child will be called as soon as possible after emergency help has been notified.

  • Parents are requested to avoid calling schools on days of poor weather, as it is important to keep school phone lines open.

  • Parents are encouraged to review these plans with their students.

  • Parents shall be notified of the policy in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language the parents can understand.

  • Parents in particular have more rights and responsibilities in their role as a collateral than in other treatment situations where the identified patient is not a minor.

More Definitions of Parents

Parents or individuals acting as "parents"), the benefits of the plan covering the parent born earlier in the year will be determined before those of the parent whose birthday falls later in the year. If both parents have the same birthday, the benefits of the plan which covered the parent longer are determined before those of the plan which covered the other parent for a shorter period of time. The term "birthday" only refers to the month and day in a calendar year, not the year in which the person was born. If the other plan does not determine benefits according to the parents' birth dates, but by parents' gender instead, the other plan's gender rule will determine the order of benefits.
Parents means the holder(s) of parental responsibility for a pupil about whom the complaint relates.
Parents means parents and carers of children attending a government school.
Parents. , as used in this Part, means those persons assuming legal responsibility for care and protection of the child on a 24-hour basis; includes guardian or legal custodian.
Parents means parents1 or guardians.
Parents means the person(s) responsible for the child and may include the legally designated guardian(s) of such child;
Parents means either the singular or plural of the word "parent".