ECC definition

ECC means the amount calculated by Contractor for the total cost of all elements of the Work based on this Agreement available at the time(s) that the ECC is prepared. The ECC shall be based on current market rates with reasonable allowance for overhead, profit and price escalation and shall include and consider, without limitation, all alternates and contingencies, designed and specified by A/E and the cost of labor and materials necessary for installation of Owner furnished equipment. The ECC shall include all the cost elements included in the AACC, as defined above, and shall represent Contractor’s best current estimate of the Guaranteed Maximum Price it will propose for the Project based on the information then available. The ECC shall not include Contractor’s Pre-Construction Phase Fee, A/E’s Fees, the cost of the land and rights-of-way, or any other costs that are the direct responsibility of Owner.
ECC means Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) within the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT)
ECC means the Executive Compensation Committee of the Board.

Examples of ECC in a sentence

  • Operation of clearing services at ECC will enable our clients to cease collaterals at BSP and, at the same time, gain from the extended clearing network of ECC.

  • The ECC requests that Stewarts complete a much more extensive study of this project to include but not limited to, water, sewage, traffic flow, parking, buffers, and added screen plantings.

  • The ECC requests that the Town Attorney review if the Town Board needs to approve this lot line adjustment by amending the existing Edison Club PDD.

  • Non-search region MLC/TLC cells continue to use conventional error-correcting codes (ECC).

  • Due to the probability of food and liquid wastes leaking from the on-site dumpster(s) into a storm water catch basin and/or surface water body, the ECC recommends the applicant enclose the area (i.e. roof) on an impervious surface with a berm surrounding the dumpster(s) that accept food and liquid wastes.

More Definitions of ECC

ECC means NSPI Energy Control Center;
ECC means Enstar Communications Corporation, a Georgia corporation.
ECC means the Executive Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors of TJX. A member of the E.C.C. shall not be eligible to participate in the Plan while serving as a member of the E.C.C. or one year prior to becoming a member of the E.C.C.
ECC means Erste Card Club d.o.o., a company with its registered office in Zagreb, Frana Folnegovića 6, PIN 85941596441, registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb and assigned the company registration number (MBS) 080027357, providing payment card authorization services.
ECC means Excise Control Code
ECC means the Executive Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors of BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc.