Stockholder Group definition

Stockholder Group means the Stockholder and each Person (other than any member of the Company Group) that is an Affiliate of the Stockholder.
Stockholder Group means (a) in respect of Liberty, the Liberty Stockholder Group (as defined in the Stockholders Agreement) and (b) in respect of Xx. Xxxxxx, the Xxxxxx Stockholder Group (as defined in the Stockholders Agreement).
Stockholder Group means one or more of the Xxxxxx Stockholder Group and the Liberty Stockholder Group. For purposes of this Agreement, a Stockholder’s Permitted Designee shall be deemed to be a member of the designating Stockholder’s Stockholder Group (other than for purposes of Section 4.1(a)(iv)).

Examples of Stockholder Group in a sentence

  • None of the rights of any Stockholder Group under this Article 2 shall be transferable or assignable by any Stockholder Group to any Person acquiring Company Securities in any Public Offering or any other registered offering or other transaction pursuant to a prospectus which is a part of a Registration Statement or pursuant to Rule 144.

  • All notices, requests and other communications to any party hereunder shall be in writing (including facsimile or electronic transmission) and shall be given, if to the Company to: [Company name] [Address] Attention: [name] Facsimile No.: [number] with a copy to the each Stockholder Group at the address listed below.

  • The Company also represents and warrants to each Stockholder Group that it has not previously entered into any agreement with respect to any of its securities granting any registration rights to any Person.

  • In the event of the death or Disability of the Applicable Employee for such Management Stockholder Group, a successor Management Stockholder Group Representative may be chosen by holders of a majority of the DTI Securities beneficially owned by the members of such Management Stockholder Group; provided, that 57 notice thereof is given by such new Management Stockholder Group Representative to the Company and the Sponsor Stockholders.

  • The Company also represents and warrants to each Stockholder Group that it has not previously entered into any agreement with respect to any of its securities granting any registration rights to any Person with respect to the Registrable Securities.

More Definitions of Stockholder Group

Stockholder Group means the Stockholders collectively; provided, however, that any action or election permitted to be taken by the Stockholder Group shall be deemed taken if approved by members of the Stockholder Group beneficially owning a majority of the Shares beneficially owned by all members of the Stockholder Group.
Stockholder Group means each Stockholder and their respective Affiliates (in each case, excluding the Acquired Companies), collectively.
Stockholder Group means, collectively, Group Owner and each of its directly or indirectly wholly owned subsidiaries.
Stockholder Group means, to the extent such group is deemed to be a “person” under Section 13(d) of the Exchange Act, collectively, but not individually, J. Mike Walker, Larry E. Reimert, Reimert Family Partners, Ltd., Gary D. Smith and Four Smith’s Company, Ltd.
Stockholder Group means Stockholder and its Affiliates.
Stockholder Group means any of the JPMorgan Stockholder, the Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Stockholder and the Oaktree Stockholder.
Stockholder Group means any of (a) the JWC Holders taken as a group or (b) the Management Holders taken as a group. The Company shall not in any case be deemed to be a member of any Stockholder Group (whether or not the Company holds or repurchases any Common Stock Equivalents). "Subject Securities" shall mean any Common Stock or Vested Options now or hereafter held by any Stockholder. "Subsidiary" with respect to any Person (the "parent") shall mean any Person of which such parent, at the time in respect of which such term is used, (a) owns directly or indirectly more than fifty percent (50%) of the equity or beneficial interest, on a consolidated basis, or (b) owns directly or controls with power to vote, indirectly through one or more Subsidiaries, shares of capital stock or beneficial interest having the power to cast at least a majority of the votes entitled to be cast for the election of directors, trustees, managers or other officials having powers analogous to those of directors of a corporation. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, when used herein the term Subsidiary shall refer to a direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Company. "Third Party" means any Person other than the Company. "Transfer" shall mean to transfer, sell, assign, pledge, hypothecate, give, grant or create a security interest in or lien on, place in trust (voting or otherwise), assign an interest in or in any other way encumber or dispose of, directly or indirectly and whether or not by operation of law or for value, any of the Subject Securities. "Vested Options" shall mean, as of any date, options, warrants, securities and other rights to acquire from the Company, by exercise, conversion, exchange or otherwise, shares of Common Stock or securities convertible into Common Stock, but only to the extent that such options, warrants, securities and other rights are both, as of such date, (a) vested under the terms thereof or under any plan, agreement or instrument pursuant to which such options, warrants, securities and other rights were issued, and (b) so exchangeable, exercisable or convertible. ARTICLE II