Deferral Election definition

Deferral Election means the Participant’s election under Section 3.1 to defer all or a portion of his or her Compensation.
Deferral Election means the Eligible Participant's election to defer his or her compensation under Plan Section 3.1(a).
Deferral Election means an election by a Participant to make Compensation Deferrals or Performance-Based Bonus Deferrals in accordance with Section 4.

Examples of Deferral Election in a sentence

  • As of each Valuation Date, a Participant’s Deferral Account (and each Deferral Election Sub-Account) shall consist of the balance of such Deferral Account (or Deferral Election Sub-Account) as of the immediately preceding Valuation Date, adjusted to reflect (a) crediting of any additional Deferral Amounts, (b) payments (if any), and (c) increases or decreases in the value of the Investment Funds to which the Deferral Amount has been allocated (as described in Article V below).

  • If payment of a Deferral Election Sub-Account under this Article VI is in the form of a lump sum, such payment shall consist of cash equal to the value, as of the Valuation Date immediately preceding payment, of that Deferral Election Sub-Account.

  • A Participant may not revoke his or her Deferral Election at any time after the applicable deadline.

  • A Participant may be permitted by the Plan Administrator to specify on the Deferral Election Form that all or any whole percentage of his or her Deferral Amount shall be allocated to one or more of the Investment Funds.

  • Unless otherwise expressly provided in a Deferral Election that is accepted by the Plan Administrator by the applicable deadline, each Deferral Election shall apply only to a single Plan Year and shall specify the Eligible Employee’s (a) Deferral Amount and (b) Payment Election (if any).

More Definitions of Deferral Election

Deferral Election means an election by an Eligible Executive to defer a portion of his or her compensation from the Corporation under the Plan, as described in Section 3.1.
Deferral Election means the Participant’s election to participate in this Plan and defer amounts eligible for deferral in accordance with the Plan terms. Except as the context otherwise requires, references herein to Deferral Elections include any subsequent modifications of a prior Deferral Election.
Deferral Election means the written election made by a Participant to defer Compensation pursuant to Article IV.
Deferral Election means the election of a Participant, made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan, to defer all or a portion of his/her Directors Fees for a Deferral Year.
Deferral Election means your one-time irrevocable deferral election made in accordance with the terms of Paragraph 4(a) to defer receipt of all of the shares of Common Stock otherwise issuable to you as of the Conversion Date.
Deferral Election means the irrevocable election filed by the Participant under Article III pursuant to which a portion of his or her salary, commissions and Bonus for each Plan Year is to be deferred under the Plan.