Awarded definition

Awarded as used in this section means earned, or qualified for. “Payment at” or “implemented,” or “earning salary at that step” occurs at the next quarter of employment subject to this section.
Awarded. – means having passed the module either through achieving the pass mark (reg. ‎22(a) below) or being awarded pass by mitigation (reg. 25) or by compensation (reg. ‎34).
Awarded means (a) in the case of tax credit programs, the amount of tax credits authorized to be claimed through the Department of Revenue over a period of years; (b) in the case of grant programs, the amount of grant payments made; or (c) in the case of tax exemption programs, the amount of exemptions reported to have been claimed by applicants . As incentive awards in a given year are often based on pre-approvals made in prior years, the amount of incentives awarded indicated in the table does not necessarily have any correlation with the amount of pre-approved incentives identified in Table 1 . Further, because tax credits awarded may or may not be actually claimed by the applicant through the Department of Revenue, the actual cost to the state of tax credit programs may be lower than indicated .

Examples of Awarded in a sentence

  • Awarded vendor shall post warning signs against all hazards created by the operation and work in progress.

  • Awarded Vendor shall remain reasonably fully informed of and in compliance with all ordinances and regulations pertaining to the lawful provision of goods or services under the Agreement.

  • Awarded Vendor shall maintain, in current status, all federal, state and local licenses, bonds and permits required for the operation of the business conducted by awarded Vendor.

  • In order to ensure and confirm compliance with this agreement, TIPS shall have authority to conduct audits of Awarded Vendor’s pricing or TIPS transaction documentation with TIPS Members with 30 days’ notice unless the audit is ordered by a Court Order or by a Government Agency with authority to do so without notice.

  • When a public entity initiates a purchase with a TIPS Awarded Vendor, if the Member inquires verbally or in writing whether the Vendor holds a TIPS Contract, it is the duty of the Vendor to verify whether or not the Member is seeking a TIPS purchase.

More Definitions of Awarded

Awarded means an award of grant funds made available pursuant Iowa Code section 8B.11, Iowa Administrative Code rule 129—22, and this NOFA to an Applicant following the Office’s review, scoring, and selection of an Applicant in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements of Iowa Code section 8B.11, Iowa Administrative Code rule 129—22, and this NOFA.
Awarded means the time when the tax collector or a designee determines and announces verbally or through the closing of the bid process in a live or an electronic auction that a buyer has placed the winning bid on a tax certificate at a tax certificate sale.
Awarded or “Awarding” means a determination by the NAS Monitoring Trust to award an NAS Monitoring Grant for the purpose of funding an NAS Abatement Program sponsored by a Grant Recipient or Grantee. or to succeed in school; (2) informing through evidence the Standard of Care for all NAS Children ages zero (0) to six (6), with priority given to NAS Children ranging in age from three (3) to six (6) (the “Identified Group”); and/or (3) enhancing the Mother-Child Dyad (any program relating to any of the NAS Monitoring Authorized Abatement Purposes, an “NAS Abatement Program”).
Awarded. – means having passed the module either through achieving the pass mark (reg. 20) or being awarded pass by mitigation (reg. 23(e)).
Awarded means the allocation of duty(s) as the result of a bid.