Share Unit definition

Share Unit means either an RSU or a PSU, as the context requires.
Share Unit means a unit credited to a Participant’s account in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan.

Examples of Share Unit in a sentence

  • Such restrictions, if any, shall be determined by the Committee and contained in the Restricted Share Unit Agreement evidencing such RSU.

  • The provisions of the various Restricted Share Unit Agreements entered into under this Plan need not be identical.

  • The foregoing restriction shall not apply to Restricted Shares or Share Unit Awards assumed in connection with mergers, reorganizations, separations, or other transactions to which Section 424(a) of the Code applies.

  • Your Performance Share Unit Award, if any, shall not be prorated and will convert into Restricted Stock Units in accordance with Section 1.3 above and shall vest on the Restricted Stock Unit Vesting Date indicated on page one of this Agreement.

  • The Board may provide in an Award Agreement evidencing a grant of Share Units that the holder of such Share Units shall be entitled to receive, upon the Company’s payment of a cash dividend on its outstanding Shares, a cash payment for each Share Unit held equal to the per-share dividend paid on the Shares.

More Definitions of Share Unit

Share Unit means the entry in a Deferred Compensation Account of a credit equal to one Share.
Share Unit means a RSU or PSU, as the context requires;
Share Unit means a bookkeeping entry representing the equivalent of one share of Common Stock that is payable in the form of Common Stock, cash, or any combination of the foregoing.