Performance Shares definition

Performance Shares means Shares or an Award denominated in Shares which may be earned in whole or in part upon attainment of performance criteria established by the Administrator.
Performance Shares means Shares issued or transferred to an Eligible Individual under Section 11.
Performance Shares means Shares that are subject to restrictions based upon the attainment of specified performance objectives granted pursuant to Section 9 below.

Examples of Performance Shares in a sentence

  • Performance Awards in the form of Performance Cash, Performance Shares or Performance Units, as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion, may be granted hereunder to Participants, for no consideration or for such minimum consideration as may be required by applicable law, either alone or in addition to other Awards granted under the Plan.

  • Performance and Incentive Rights NumberPerformance Shares currently on issue150,000,000Performance Shares offered pursuant to the OfferNilTotal Performance Shares on completion of the Offer50,000,000Notes:1.

  • Unlisted Performance Shares converting into fully paid ordinary shares upon achievement of the Australian Government granting a permit to Medical Cannabis Limited to grow cannabis varieties for medical cannabis research for the purposes of product development between the date of issue of the Performance Shares and 5 years after that date.

More Definitions of Performance Shares

Performance Shares means a Performance-Based Award representing a right or other interest that may be denominated or payable in, valued in whole or in part by reference to, or otherwise based on, or related to, Stock, made subject to the achievement of performance goals (as provided in Section 14) over a Performance Period of up to ten (10) years.
Performance Shares means an Award made pursuant to Section 9 which entitles a Holder to receive Shares, their cash equivalent, or a combination thereof based on the achievement of performance targets during a Performance Period.
Performance Shares means a grant of stock or stock Units the issuance, vesting or payment of which is contingent on performance as measured against predetermined objectives over a specified Performance Period.
Performance Shares means a contractual right granted to an Eligible Person under Section 10 hereof representing a notional unit interest equal in value to a share of Common Stock to be paid and distributed at such times, and subject to such conditions, as are set forth in the Plan and the applicable Award Agreement.