Incentive Award definition

Incentive Award means the right to receive a cash payment to the extent Performance Goals are achieved, and shall include “Annual Incentive Awards” as described in Section 10 and “Long-Term Incentive Awards” as described in Section 11.
Incentive Award means an Option, Restricted Stock Award or Performance Stock Award granted to an Eligible Recipient pursuant to the Plan.

Examples of Incentive Award in a sentence

  • Taylor (COEA), and Interim Superintendent Hargrave awarded scholarships to the students.I.D. 1490 Jefferson Enterprises – Contributions to Buffalo Public Schools Interim Superintendent Hargrave read into the record the following:The Board of Education recognizes Herbert Bellamy, Jr. from 1490 Enterprises, along with the sponsors, Belmont Management and Malcolm Pirnie for providing Educational Incentive Award to students of the Buffalo Public Schools for over ten years.

  • Equity Compensation Plan Information The table below provides information concerning the awards that may be issued under our 2021 incentive award plan as of December 31, 2023: Number of securities (1) Includes shares subject to outstanding RSUs granted under our 2021 Incentive Award Plan as of December 31, 2023.

  • Id. The Settlement Administrator will post online Class Counsel’s application for a Fee Award and the motion seeking approval of the Incentive Award.

  • Each award also will vest in full immediately prior to the occurrence of a change in control (as defined in the 2021 Incentive Award Plan), to the extent outstanding at such time.

  • Pursuant to SEC rules, excludes 6,403,960 shares of restricted stock issued under our 2021 Incentive Award Plan as of December 31, 2023.

More Definitions of Incentive Award

Incentive Award means one or more Stock Incentive Awards and/or Cash Incentive Awards, collectively.
Incentive Award means an award awarded under Article XI which, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by the Committee, entitles the Participant to receive a payment from the Company or an Affiliate of the Company.
Incentive Award means an Option, SAR or Other Stock-Based Award granted to a Participant pursuant to the terms of the Plan.
Incentive Award means an Option, a share of Restricted Stock, a share of Phantom Stock, a Stock Bonus or Cash Bonus granted pursuant to the terms of the Plan.
Incentive Award means the award or grant of a Stock Option, a Stock Appreciation Right, Restricted Stock, a Restricted Stock Unit, a Stock Award, or another stock-based or stock-related award, to a Participant pursuant to the Plan.
Incentive Award means any award sought by application to and approval by the Court that is payable to the Class Representatives to compensate them for their efforts in prosecuting this Litigation and achieving the benefits of this settlement on behalf of the Settlement Class.