Incentive Award definition

Incentive Award means the right to receive a cash payment to the extent Performance Goals are achieved, and shall includeAnnual Incentive Awardsas described in Section 10 and “Long-Term Incentive Awards” as described in Section 11.
Incentive Award means an Option, Restricted Stock Award or Performance Stock Award granted to an Eligible Recipient pursuant to the Plan.

Examples of Incentive Award in a sentence

  • Amended and Restated 2013 Incentive Award Plan or any successor stock or long term equity-based incentive plan adopted by the Corporation from time to time (the “Stock Plan”).

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 2001.Academic Incentive Award, Texas A&M University, 2000.

  • Incentive Award Programs: The HR Assistant tracks the administration of nominations when submissions are requested for the Interagency Mission Award Program (IMAP), On-the-Spot, Special Act, or the USAID Incentive Awards Program.

More Definitions of Incentive Award

Incentive Award means an Option, a share of Restricted Stock, a share of Phantom Stock, a Stock Bonus or Cash Bonus granted pursuant to the terms of the Plan.
Incentive Award means an Award made pursuant to Section 7 hereof, the payment of which is contingent upon the achievement of the Performance Goals for the particular Performance Period.
Incentive Award means any Award that is either an Annual Incentive Award or a Long-Term Incentive Award.